HOLISTIQUE Small Group personal fitness coaching

Did You Know?

That 95% of the people following short-term “quick fix” programs relapse and gain back their weight, when life gets in the way?

We Know you want to eat, move and live better. For Life.

It is time to STOP struggling with yo-yo weight loss-gain, lifestyle diseases, fad diets, conflicting fitness and health advice!

Is it possible?



Simple. Practical. Easy-to-Use. Personalised. Sustainable.

A personalised coaching program that bridges the the gap between achieving & sustaining a fit lifestyle, by making 3 habits convenient - Move, Nourish and Rejuvenate.


  • 2 Personalised Coaching sessions per month
  • 8 90minute workout sessions per month
  • Flexible Timing options
  • Daily Physical Activity Guides
  • Customised Balanced, Nutritious Eating Habits & Meal Integration
  • Varied Breathing Techniques for Stress Management
  • “Alicia Souza” Holistique Lifestyle Tracker
  • Monthly Progress Tracking
  • 1 COMPLIMENTARY Physiotherapy Session every month
  • 4 COMPLIMENTARY Yoga sessions every month
  • FREE The Holistique Masterclass

LIVE Online & In-Location Personalised Small Group Coaching




Dr. Anuja Luniya

PHYSIOTHERAPIST | Specialized in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation | Myofascial Release Specialist | Mulligan Manual Therapist | McKenzie Specialist | ACE certified Health Coach | EBFA’s Barefoot Training & Rehab Master Instructor | Functional Training Coach | Pilates Instructor | Animal Flow Instructor | BLS Certified

Dr. Anjana Luniya

Senior GENERAL PRACTITIONER | Yoga Therapist

Created By
Dr. Anuja Luniya

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