Things Fall Apart Photo Essay By: gage miller

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about how to dance in the rain. In the novel Things Fall Apart some of the themes that are involved are fear, and, traditions and customs.some of the fears Okonkwo has to deal with is growing up as a failure like his father or his son's, like in the dust bowl all the farmers afraid of dying from the storm. And some of the traditions and customs that Okonkwo and his village have had for generations are broken, just like how the farmers had to brake the way they were farming even after generations have farmed there before.

Okonkwo's greatest fear is becoming a failure and ending up like his father, in debt, no titles, and one wife. and so he hated everything his father loved. he even showed almost no emotions except anger all the time, and to everyone "Whenever [Okonkwo] was angry and could not get out his words fast enough, he would use his fists. he had no patience for unsuccessful people. he had no patience for his father"(2). like the people of the Dust Bowl they were also very afraid, afraid of dying and losing what they have made home for many years. so afraid they went on a bunny hunt or massacre with bats and clubs for food. lots of children and other parents were tromatized by the noises the bunnies would make when they hit with the club or bat.

In the final part of things fall apart things really do fall apart. after okonkwo returns from being banned for 7 years from his village, he returns to see that everything has changed. the whole ibo culture has been changed and almost forgotten because of the christians who have moved in "[The white men] says are customs are bad; and our own brothers who have taken up his religion also say that are customs are bad"(151). just like many people in the Dust Bowl they too had to give up there belongings, not to other white men but to to the storm that was ravishing there land of crops and water. they had to change there way of living and customs to survive, many even moved to just make a living off of what they had so little of now. and in the end just like so many that had died in the Dust Bowl, Okonkwo too had died. but he killed himself because he did not want to suffer through the white man court of justice and be hanged in the end anyway "You drove him to kill himself; now he will be buried like a dog...."(179) the Dust Bowl ends many years later but the suffering and changing of life that the white man caused to Okonkwo and his friends and family will forever be disturbed and changed forever.

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Things Fall Apart and Dust Bowl

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