Better Safe than Sorry A Screenplay by Tristan Craddick, Produced by Sam Thompson

Pitch: Four teens enter a scavenger hunt to prove their deduction skills and bring glory to their school. However, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly scenario faced with a decision: will they stay and solve the mystery… at the risk of their lives?

Synopsis: Four teenagers from a quiet town: brothers Angus and Frank with their friends Rose and Mary, enter into a scavenger hunt being held at the mansion of the late Neville Wright. Being part of the mystery club at their school, they hope to use their skills to gain recognition for their club and school. They do well during the initial stages of the hunt, having fun and competing with other groups to try and finish first. As time passes however, they begin to realize that the hunt is not quite what it seems. There are darker undertones becoming visible, and the group realizes that there may be a real danger in the mansion with them. As a result, they are faced with a dilemma: they can finish their hunt and potentially learn what has been happening, but they would be subjecting themselves to further danger. Will they be willing to seek out the truth, regardless of the inherent danger that may come with it?

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  • Trailer Music: Lionel Schmitt,
  • Storyboard Images: Tristan Craddick
Created By
Tristan C.

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