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Hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, I've had the honour to photograph Mariah Kelly on two separate occasions. Kelly who is a Track & Field 1500m athlete is all business on the track. However you can lookup her stats here if you 're into that. This Sportrait is about getting to know Mariah more than just some numbers on a paper so I asked her a few questions. Enjoy!

What would your hashtag be?#WonderWoman
Mariah lives and trains in Victoria, BC

If I gave you a one-way ticket where would you go?

I would go to Mount Everest because it has always been my dream to be able to climb that and if I had a one way ticket I would have no other option but to accomplish it. I would come back though because I love my home and I couldn't stand being away from it for too long.

If you were president, we should expect...

No Bullshit!

What would you tell your younger self?

No adversity you ever face will be tougher than you are.

Who do you look up to for inspiration?

The people around me that I love.

100 years from now, you're a legend and this is your famous quote....

If you work hard at something and pour your whole heart and soul into it, there is nothing that will be impossible for you.

So what's your story?

I fell in love with running at a young age for reasons I didn't even know at the time and since then running has been a big part of what has shaped my life. I started running at an elite level in my third year of high school. I rose to the top of the provincial and national scene toward the end of my high school and continued on to compete at a Division NCAA school. My whole career has been about defying the odds and accomplishing things that most people believed I never would. I sold myself to every top university in North America and didn't quit until I was offered a full scholarship to the place I wanted to be. I started at the bottom of the food chain in college again and slowly made my way to the top. I accomplished things in college that no one would have bet on me for. After I graduated from Baylor, which is in Waco, Texas, I had a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, I was an honour roll student, I had two school records, two Big 12 titles, multiple all time best performances, four NCAA appearances and two NCAA All American honours. After college I continued running and accomplished even more than what people thought I was capable of. I traveled across the country twice to follow my dreams. I never had clear evidence to support that I would end up being any good but I risked everything and did whatever it took to give myself the best chance. I currently train out of the West Hub in Victoria, British Columbia under Heather Hennigar and Vic City Elite. I am currently ranked 6th in the country and I have performed as #28 on Canada's all time best performance list for the women's 1500m. I have goals of making multiple national teams and standing on the podium at the Olympics and Worlds. I plan to take down the National record and get the absolute most out of myself. Many people have been involved in helping me get to where I have gotten today. When my motivation runs low I lean on those people and I run for them. My amazing boyfriend, Dennis, has been a huge support and believed in me when most people didn't. We moved half across the country so that I could have this opportunity to accomplish my ultimate dream. Together we have come so far and although we have a ways to go, we are well on our way. I believe that hard work always pays off and I plan to work so hard that I become unbeatable. Join me on my journey.

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