Photography by:Savannah Coppedge

Reasons why I chose this career:

  1. It's been in my family for years
  2. I love the scenery that the world provides
  3. I love looking through the lens of a camera and making my own little world out of what I see
  • Photographer Salary: $60,232 per year
  • You have to be in College for 2-4 years in order to get a certification (depends on the school)
  • You have to have at least 90 hours of class credit

Long Term Goals:

  1. To get into UCLA's or TCU's Photography program
  2. Get into UCLA or TCU's business program
  3. Create my own photography business

Short Term Goals:

  • Take photojournalism classes in High School
  • Intern as a photographers assistant
  • Try to get scholarships for photography schoools

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