A Day Aboard the Titanic By: Drew Wall

I would have traded anything to be aboard the titanic and who would have thought all it took was a heartbroken uncle. I had boarded the titanic a day ago and let me tell you it was blinding with smoke stacks taller than King Edward the 13s castle and it was as long as the road from Oxford to London. We were going to America to retrieve my Uncle Robert.

Roberts truest love (or so he thought) had traveled to America with her family. She claimed she would come back for him, but when he arrived in America to surprise her she had found another lover and had had left him out in the cold. He then got depressed and decided to drink his worries away in the pub. He got into an argy-bargy which then led into a kerfuffle. I don't Know the details but a couple of guys got conked and some caught by the fuzz. My uncle was in both of those groups but at least it got me a trip on the titanic. It has been a fortnight since I had seen Uncle Robert and i can't wait to see him once more.

The titanic was amazing my mother loved taking walks on the deck and i loved the dining room. All of the crew members were so nice and the service was great. My mother would go for swims while i played with my stick and hoop. Everything was peaceful until one day i was running with some other children i had met, then I ran into a tall man in a crew members outfit. I looked up to see who it was and i realized it was Uncle Robert! He was just as nervous as I was when I saw who it was.

Uncle Robert," i whispered in a surprised voice

Tommy ? Is that you,"Uncle Robert said in a surprised but also guilty voice

What are you doing here?"I stuttered.

Let's go back to your room and get your mother and talk about it there,"whispered Uncle Robert

We went back to the room in a slow cautious pace, I hated it because we had only walked a couple feet when we could have been back to the room. When we got to the room mother was not there. She came back later , from a Turkish bath , and was completely stunned that Uncle Robert was there. They sent me to my room and I could here a very muffled argy-bargy going on all i could make out was

stop being such a nob,"Uncle Robert shouted

Me a nob, at least i'm not a dodgy criminal," she defended

My mother woke me up in the middle of the night. I was tired and miserable and worst of all it was freezing. My mother told me what happened and I was scared, but I noticed not that many people were out there. My mom told me that they either didn't believe the crew members or they didn't know. I saw Uncle Robert .

It will be ok," he said with a grin

You will be just fine," he said in a very sad tone

We will miss you," said mother now beginning to cry

As we waited more and more people joined the deck. It was completely chaotic but at least we were first in the lifeboat line. When they finally let people board the life boats the deck was now completely crazy. The band playing in the background, people screaming, children crying, people pushing and punching their way through only to find nothing but more people. Me and my mother were first on our lifeboat. Before we went down Uncle Robert said good bye and mother just cried harder. A lady with an Irish accent was sitting next to us someone tried to jump of of the titanic into the lifeboat

Do one's nut," she screamed

I had never heard that phrase, mother said it meant someone was crazy.

1. Blinding: meaning excellence

2. Argy-bargy: argument

3. Fuzz: police

4. Pub: bar

5. Fortnight: two weeks

6. Kerfuffle: a fight of some sort

7. Nob: a person of high society who dislikes the lower society

8. Do One's Nut: a crazy person














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