Professor Interview Exhibit #5

Interview Questions:

What are your hobbies outside of your career? What do you enjoy about them?

What was your major in college? Why?

Why did you attend the place you did?

Was this your first career path?

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

What do you find most difficult about your career?

Have you had a defining moment in your career?

How do you balance your daily life and your home life?

What do you think makes you a successful person in your field?

What is your expectation for students that take your class?

If you could give your best general advice to a college student what would it be?

How do you define success for a college student?

What is the most difficult thing to get across to college students?

Do you think a student’s college major defines the rest of their professional career?

Do you feel a student’s success in college will define their professional career?

What do feel success is in the professional world?

What is one skill you picked up outside of school that you feel helps your success in the professional world? How did you develop it?

For this objective I chose to interview my economics professor Dr. Bradley Hobbs. I chose to interview this professor not only because I found his subject matter interesting, but also because I found the way he presented the information to be very different than other professors. He incorporated stories from his live that caught my attention. Unfortunately I am not one that likes the classroom setting, unless the teacher provides a setting that can keep my attention and that is what Dr. Hobbs has done. He will cut jokes with the classroom and give little breaks throughout the lecture that helps students keep their attention on what he is trying to get across. With that being said his class isn’t easy and he actually challenges his students to learn and understand the material as well as manage their time correctly but getting an A in the class is completely within reach, which is what I want to get out of my classes. During my interview with Dr. Hobbs, his responses were very intriguing and some even caught me off guard with what I had gathered on him from the classroom. His take on the current situation was very much different than what I thought it would be but the way he handled his outside life was very much what I expected from him. Dr. Hobbs answers also gave me confidence as well because of the way he looked at success and the way his career path has been. I also learned some very motivating things from interview with Dr. Hobbs. Your success in college doesn’t have to define the your professional career and your professional career doesn’t have to be completely shaped by your major unless you want it to be. I found out that work ethic is something that can get extremely far in the professional sense and coupled with a thirst for knowledge the sky is limit. There is also success outside of the working world but happiness is tied in with success and stimulation with both. The information that I have taken in from this interview has greatly changed my perception of not only Dr. Hobbs, but all of my professors at Clemson. I found out that not only do professor actually want to see you succeed they can almost always tell when you are truly trying to or not. So depending on how they see you trying, they will do the best they can to help you, they want to see you learn and succeed. This makes me respect them more because they only really help the ones that truly deserve it. I also found out just how passionate professors are about getting their subject matter across and the toll it takes when students don’t care to learn. My opinion of why professors do what they do has changed a good bit because I never realized just how much they cared when students didn’t, so I will try and show passion for what I am learning. From this interview I also learned some of the trails of life, how is has it ups and downs and that not all things work out the way you thought but in the end happiness is what can get you through it all, no matter what way you achieve it.


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