Point Of View Assignment By Jordan Weiss

  • Point of View: Jem
  • Scene - Scout finds the gum in the tree
  • I don't know what Scout was thinking. Why would she ever eat something she found in a tree. I walk in the house and there she is chewing gum. I was confused. We didn't have gum so I didn't know where she would get it. I said, "Scout, where did you get that gum?". "I found it in the tree hole near the Radley place." she responded. I flipped at her. I just couldn't understand what she was thinking. If there is random gum in a tree, you don't eat it. I made her spit it out and throw it out. I tried to explain to her why it was wrong. She didn't listen and I told her to wash her mouth out. That little girl kept standing in her place. I didn't like to do this, but I said, "Scout, don't make me tell Calpurnia what you've been doing.". That got her. I've had to be a little bit of a leader for Scout. It is my way of taking a stronger role with the family, and being the big brother I should be.
  • Point of View - Sheriff Tate
  • Scene - Atticus Shooting Tim Johnson (Rabid Dog)
  • I heard the rabid dog was back and I wasn't gonna let him get away this time. I grabbed my rifle, even though I wasn't to good of a shot with it. I drove over to the Finch's neighborhood as quickly as I could, and looked around. I saw the beast, and i was nervous. I heard the folks have given it the name Tim Johnson. Not sure why, and don't plan on letting it live long enough to find out. It was in public, and I had to take a shot at it. I didn't know what I was gonna do, when Atticus came to me from his house. Atticus is the hot-shot of the town. He could shoot just about anything with his keen eyes. He doesn't use guns often anymore, but I asked him to just this once to defend my name. He agreed, though he didn't look to happy about it. He aimed, adjusted his glasses, and took the shot. It was a direct hit and that rabid animal was down. I was happy, until I realized that I was the one who would have to dispose of the corpse.
  • Point Of View - Lula
  • Scene - The Finch Children Going to Church With Calpurnia
  • I was in church having a normal Sunday. I was waiting for just a few more until Reverend Sykes would start our message. That was when my Sunday changed. This would be a totally different church service for one huge reason, and that is there were white people here. We are a small church right outside of Maycomb. We are outcasted because we are black. So seeing white people in our church, even though they were just children, surprised me. Then I saw who they were with. Of course they were with that snob, Calpurnia. She thinks she is so good because she works for one of the best lawyers in the town. I didn't even want to talk to her, but I had to ask her what was in her mind. I needed to tell her that we were different, and we had our different ways. When we actually talked, it was more like our opinions fighting. I gave up, and just decided to ignore it. But, I just couldn't. It kept bothering me through the day. Calpurnia better know not to bring them here again.
  • Point Of View - Bob Ewell
  • Scene - The Attack on the Children
  • I saw them leave the school, and started my journey. I followed them, and they went into the woods. The children were making this easier and easier on me. I finished the whiskey bottle that was in my pocket, and tossed it in the woods. They stopped, so I stopped too. I think they must have heard me, so they stopped and were quiet. I didn't even breathe. I held my breath, until they started walking. I breathed in, and started walking again. But, they came to a stop again. I knew I had to go now, or else they may run. The girl yelled thinking I was a boy named Cecil Jacobs. I knew it was time for me to strike my prey. I charged at them. The girl was wearing a ham costume, and I knocked her to the ground. I boy tried to fight back, and I just kind of laughed. I gave him a few pushes and punches, then I grabbed his arm. I looked away, and did what i had to do. I heard the snap, and he screamed. I threw him to the ground. Then, it was time for the girl. I pulled out my knife and charged at her. Due to her costume, she didn't even know I was coming. I pulled back and impaled the knife into her. I thought it was a clean stab, until she didn't even react. I realized the costume must have blocked it so I went to stab again. Then I got hit. I was on the ground, and there was a big shadow over me. I jumped up and tried to stab the man, but he dodged it and grabbed my arm. He took the knife, and pushed me to the ground. I started feeling pain in my stomach. I was feeling warm. The light was getting closer, and closer. I was ready to leave though. I did all the damage I needed to do to this town.
  • Reflection On This Assignment
  • This assignment was very interesting. I have never done anything like this. I learned a lot about the book doing this project. These were scenes that I thought were bigger in the book I got to to think about how the other characters would feel in these situations, and what their motives would be for these actions. I got to understand why the Finch's were a key part of the story. They were almost like the center of the town, due to Atticus' role in the community. I understand why Mr. Crooke gave us this assignment. He wanted us to think more about the story, and things from other points of view. He wanted us to go into their heads, and think about what they are thinking about. That is exactly what I tried to do. Thinking as the characters were a challenge, but it ended up teaching me a lot about who they were. I am very happy we got a project like this, and I hope we get more like it in the future.


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