Weddings at the Old Mission Celebrate your big day at Coeur d'Alene's Old Mission State Park

Wedding Ceremony Policies & Guidelines

The Sacred Heart Mission, constructed in 1850 and completed in 1853, is the perfect setting for a magical, romantic wedding experience. The Mission and grounds provide a beautiful and tranquil location for an intimate wedding or a wedding with a guest list up to 500 people. The Mission is available for weddings, regardless of religious backgrounds, is easy to find and has ample parking.

The following guidelines and policies are designed to provide a memorable wedding day experience without disrupting normal park operations and to protect and preserve Idaho’s most treasured historic building.

Photo by Eternal Grace Photography


The Sacred Heart Mission sits atop a small knoll surrounded by beautiful landscapes and romantic vistas on every side that create a serene, picturesque setting. Wedding ceremonies may be held within the Mission or in the West Courtyard, both located in the center of Coeur d’Alene’s Old Mission State Park. The West Courtyard captures the charm of the landscape with its mature trees, green lawn and scenic vistas and is appropriate for weddings or receptions. Both areas create a one-of-a-kind historic backdrop for your special day and may be rented separately or together. The Mission is ADA accessible.


The Mission is open year-round; off hour events may be considered. Please discuss with park management. Weddings and receptions may be scheduled:

June – September, events may be scheduled anytime Sunday through Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., except for major holidays, the second weekend in July, August 15th and the weekend prior to and following August 15th.

October – April, events may be scheduled anytime Sunday through Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., except major holidays. **There are no heating facilities within the Mission and only limited parking is available during the winter months.

May, events may be scheduled anytime Sunday through Friday between the hours of 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. and Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., except Memorial Day.

Danelle & Kris. Photographer: Cory James

Wedding Rehearsals

A wedding rehearsal at the wedding site is included in the wedding option. Rehearsals may be scheduled between the hours of 1:00-5:00 p.m. on the day before the ceremony during summer months, provided there are no other scheduled events taking place. One hour will be reserved for the rehearsal and counts as one hour of your total reserved time. Wedding ceremonies have priority over the scheduling of rehearsals. Rehearsals during other times of the year need to be coordinated with park management. Catholic weddings, as a matter of courtesy, should be approved by the Priest of St. Rita’s Parish in Kellogg, Idaho (208) 786-2981.

Wedding Options

Please Note: Each option listed below comes with a basic three (3) hour reservable time period for the Mission, West Courtyard or a combination of both. This time period includes an hour rehearsal and two (2) hours to use for set up, ceremony, teardown and clean-up. The Mission building itself may only be used for a period up to three (3) hours total. The maximum seating capacity for the Mission is 150. Additional time desired or used for the West Courtyard beyond the three (3) hours will be charged at $200.00 per hour up to four (4) hours. Each option includes park admission for all guests, set up and use of interior chairs for the Mission, parking assistance, and garbage removal.

Connie Wedding. Photographer: Michael Franklin

Weddings with 25 guests or more need to complete a group use permit. Weddings with guests of 250 or more require special arrangements that include discussion with the park manager, completion of a Group Use Permit and approval from the IDPR state director.

  • Option 1 – $300 This option is designed for a small, intimate, yet beautiful wedding with 25 guests or less.
  • Option 2 - $500 This option is designed for a small wedding and reception of 50 guests or less.
  • Option 3 - $700 This option is designed for a medium to large gathering with 100 guests or less.
  • Option 4 - $1100 This option is designed for a large gathering up to 250 guests.
  • Option 5 - $1500 This option is designed for a large gathering up to 350 guests.
  • Option 6 - $1900 This option is designed for a large gathering of more than 350 guests up to 500.
Beth & Justin Wedding

Access to Site

Wedding party and vendors that need pre and post event access to the site need to coordinate times and dates with park management. Rental equipment provided by a rental company, such as chairs, tents, portable changing areas, port-a-potties, etc., must be removed before 9 a.m. the following morning. It is preferred that the rental equipment be removed the same day as the wedding event. The park is not responsible for any items left by a rental company that become lost or stolen.

Wedding Bookings & Confirmation

Reservations may be made one year in advance and not less than 30 days prior to the wedding. A non-refundable reservation service fee of $25 + tax ($26.50) is due at the time of booking. Full payment of fees and deposits must be in place along with a signed agreement and other applicable permits before the reservation is secured. Full payment must be received by the park within 14 days of booking. If the needed information, fees and deposits are not paid in full and received within 14 days of booking, the reservation shall be void.

Damage/Cleaning Deposit

A damage/cleaning deposit of $100 is required at the time of payment. This deposit will be returned, in its entirety, to the responsible party within 30 days after the completion of the wedding event if:

  1. The park facility or site incurs no damage during the event
  2. No park property was lost or stolen during the event
  3. The responsible party returns the facility or site to the condition in which it was found
  4. All trash from the event was placed in the proper place
  5. The event did not exceed its allotted time frame
  6. No prohibited items were used during the event
  7. No violations of State laws or Park rules occurred

Additional charges may be levied to cover excessive costs associated with cleaning, damage and garbage removal. The deposit will be returned in check form, if paid by check or cash, or credited to a credit card if payment was received by credit card.

Beth & Justin Wedding

Tent & Chair Rentals

Two (2) wedding tents 20’ x 20’ are available from the park. Set up and take down is included in the $250 rental fee for each. The wedding option price includes the use of chairs for inside the Mission. The wedding party must indicate that the chairs are desired for the event.

Rental Companies/Vendors/Caterers

Caterers must be self-contained as there is no kitchen and limited water available. All rentals must be removed and picked up prior to 9:00 a.m. the following morning. The park is unable to store any rentals or decorations. Electricity is available for limited use. Prior arrangements need to be made for use with park management.

Rental companies hired to provide items such as chairs for a wedding ceremony or tables and chairs for the reception and/or other vendors such as caterers, florists, musicians, photographers, etc., may arrive no sooner than (2) hours prior to the scheduled ceremony start time. The responsible individual must ensure that cleaning and removal of items brought for the event is completed to the satisfaction of park staff, to ensure the return of the cleaning/damage deposit. Rental companies/vendors/caterers must make arrangements with park staff prior to set-up to determine areas to unload and load to avoid vehicles on lawn areas and damage to park features.


If a pre-event showing is desired, a date and time must be scheduled with staff and not interfere with any other park event. Flash photography is acceptable before, during and after ceremonies and photo sessions within the Mission. Tripods and free-standing lighting equipment may be used in the Mission. To protect the floor, electrical cords may NOT be taped to the floor or to any surface. Photographers and videographers must request permission to set-up interview locations or places for long-term equipment set-up.

Aerial view of the grounds


All music used during the event should be tasteful, appropriate and respectful. Musicians playing large instruments (such as harps) may use the elevator lift to move their equipment into the Mission. The organs within the Mission are not available for use. Portable CD players or keyboards may be used inside the Mission. Speakers and electrical equipment CANNOT be elevated off the floor or ground and should be clear of walkways. Electrical cords may NOT be taped to the floor. Musicians may rehearse during the wedding rehearsal time. An outside music source may be utilized, but the set-up must be approved prior to the wedding by the park manager. The music volume will be kept at a moderate, respectful level. An outside portable dance floor may be placed for use in the West Courtyard. Please coordinate requests with park staff and park manager. Park staff may limit or stop music at their discretion due to volume, content, or group behavior. Music content must be family-friendly.

Trash Removal

All trash must be placed in plastic trash bags and be disposed of properly. The park has THREE large trash receptacles located near the Park Maintenance Area. You may use it to deposit all trash bags. If you have more trash than the receptacle can hold, you MUST carry the trash offsite for disposal. Trash may not be left outside the trash receptacle or anywhere else onsite, as it will attract wildlife. Please make sure that after depositing your trash that the containers are shut securely so animals do not get into them.

Cancellation Policy

A service charge of $50.00 will be assessed for cancellation of a reservation if notice is received 21 days or more prior to the event. Cancellations received fewer than 21 days in advance of the scheduled date will result in a service charge of $100.00. If for any reason a cancellation is necessary the responsible individual shall contact the park manager as soon as possible and the refund of any fees and monies will be discussed and agreed upon.

Carroll Wedding. Photographer: Paul Andrew Williams