Alexander the Great's Life By Sofia Mottesi

Alexander the Great's Accomplishments

To show his respect, Alexander built many temples for other religions.
Alexander encouraged marriage between Macedonians and Persians. This would help unite Alexander's empire even more.

Alexander the Great was the very first leader to accomplish the goal of (almost) ruling the world. He achieved this by uniting many customs under one rule, without destroying religions and traditions. He showed respect for other cultures by adopting their customs. Alexander spread Greek culture throughout, such as building a Greek style city named Alexandria. Alexandria was located in Egypt, and it was the most important center of trade and learning. To show respect for other Persian and Egyptian religion, Alexander had temples to honor their gods. He also made sacrifices to those gods, to show further respect. Since he wanted others to see him as a god and be loyal to him, he wore a crown with two ram horns. To help unify his kingdom even more, he encouraged marriage between the Persian and Macedonians. Even Alexander himself married a Persian to show his respect. Sadly, in 323 BC, Alexander the Great died. After his death, his empire fell apart; generals fought for control, settlers left the city in ruins, and his empire split up into three kingdoms; Egypt, Syria, and Macedonia & Greece.

Alexander built a Greek style city called Alexandria. He did this to mix different cultures under one rule.

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