Visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History By Raffae Ahmad

Nature on Display

The Frogs: A chorus of colors exhibit truly caught my eye. This was a temporary exhibit only on display for a week. The room was filled with terrariums each one with a different species of frogs. As I went from terrarium to terrarium I would try to find the usually well camouflaged frog or toad. This continued until I came upon the poison dart frogs, a very brightly colored and dangerous species. I never thought I would see these in person due to their extreme toxicity. This species is rubbed onto tips of spears by tribes allowing them to quickly bring down game. Being able to see these creatures in person and so close gave me a greater appreciation for the diversity of the frogs on earth. This exhibit was just a small sample and yet all these species were specialized and unique.

Nature and Ethics

The Museum gave me a scale to judge our impacts on the earth. Massive creatures have come before but none as destructive as human. By continuing to harm our ecosystem we are not only harming the plants and animals around us but also ourselves in the end. We are a part of an ever-changing ecosystem and it is our duty to respect and take care of it. The most interesting part was the exhibit through prehistoric times. It gave a unique perspective into how little time we as people have been around. The Museum made me feel as if I was a part of a much larger whole certainly making me feel more responsible to do my part in protecting it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum aims to show all that came before humans and since their rise. In a sense, it makes one feel small but this should cause further appreciation for the world around. The human species has been around for a fraction of earth’s age yet we feel like our time is more important than the time before us. Being able to physically see the scale of prehistoric creatures gives further respect towards the world we live in. Some of the species shown had barely changed in millions of years because they were so adapted to their surroundings yet they still went extinct. To gain a better sense of earth’s past we must learn about these creatures that were here first and how they became extinct. We as a species gained the ability to adapt to our surroundings via ingenuity but there are limitations to where we can go and what we can do. Visiting the museum helps one realize that we might not be here forever because just as there was a time before us there can be one after us.

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