Gabriella Dig Com Period 2

Research: Coca Cola designs there ads to make them look fun. They also use celebrities on there ads to make people drink it because of the celebrity who's drinking it. Coca Cola also is a big fan of the color red because its the bottles color which it stands out more.

Audience: The audience I'm targeting with this ad is people who are swifties. They are loyal fans of Taylor Swift. She holds this bottle to get people who are fans of her to drink it because she drinks it.

Coca Cola shows that when drinking there drink you become happy and they also have hash tags because people today love using hashtags. Photo done by Depeeka Padukone.
This Coca Cola add is trying to attract children on christmas to drink Coca Cola because of how santa is holding the drink. Photo by Caters
In this picture Coca Cola is trying to attract people who love classic icons from back in the day. Photo:
In this ad Im trying to attract people to drink Coca Cola because Taylor Swift is endorsing the brand.

Message: The message Im trying to convey is that its Christmas time and give Coca Cola as a gift to the people around you.

Element of Design 1: Color This ad has color because green and red are complimentary colors. Those colors are also Christmas colors.

Element of Design 2: Line Line is incorporated in the ad by the background which there is curved lines that are cold which make the ad seem fun and spirited.

Element of Design 3: Pattern In the ad the pattern is shown in the background which is the snowflakes. They are splattered around but it still show a pattern.

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