Tattoos on the heart Kaylee swasnon

Chapter One: God, I Guess

This chapter is called God, I Guess. I think it is called this because the theme of the chapter is finding God in our lives. My favorite story in this chapter was about Rigo. His stroy was about how every Sunday his mom took 7 buses to visit him. This is my favorite because I can see clearly how much Rigo and his mom love eachother. You can see that he wants to be better for her. I thought this story was so sweet and it made me tear up a little. We can all relate to thins because we all just want our parents to be proud of us.

Chapter three: Compassion

This chapter is called compassion. I think it's called this because in every story it shows people being kind to one another. A story that stood out to me wa the story about Betito. He was a 12 year old bot that just wanted to see the world smile. Reading his story I couldn't help but laugh at the things he would say. He and G would call eachother "the real deal". When I read the part when he dies I cried. It made me think about my brothers. He is only two years older then one of my brothers. It made me think of what would I have thought if my brothers whatever and shot and killed like he was. When I read it I was wondering what was going through his head when he died and how his mother reacted to the news of her son being shot.

Chapter seven: Gladness

This chapter is called gladness. I think I just caught this because all of the stores have to relate to someone being happy. My favorite story in this chapter was Moreno's story. It talks about how he went back to school and how he hated every other subject but biology. He left biology and thought it was the best subject in school. This made me laugh because he said all the other subject said he hated it and were the worst and he couldn't stand them. We can all relate to this because sometimes there's just one subject that we love.


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