Texas reconstruction By: landry hinkle And macEy matthews

ReConstruction begins!

Our president Lincoln and congress have came up with a restronsturction plan to re organize the seceded states and bring them back into the Union. This is needed so we be as a whole again and get out of ruins from the last war, The Civil War. Since the war ended, Texas and the south have been in ruins such as debt and damage and the union is seeking revenge on southerners

Two presidEntal plans

In Lincolns plan he wanted to restore the union as fast as possible. He is offering a pardon to all southerners who are willing to take an oath of loyalty to the U.S. As you all might now by now, President Lincoln got assinated by John Wilkes booth. John thought we was going to be a hero, but as of right now he is the most hated man in America. Because of this event, Andrew Johnston became our president and has control of the reconstruction plan and is revising it. He is setting up a provisional government in all the past confederate states. For southerners to regain voting, they have to take an oath to the US. He has also announced that the government is not paying for the debts of the war.

Slavery ends in teXas

Gordon granger is the general of a Union force and came to Texas on June nineteenth and announced that slavery is officially abolished in the south. This date came known as Juneteenth, which also means that every anniversary of emancipation for freed men to be celebrated. On this day, the former slaves of america celebrated with cook outs, parties and parades. A new group called the freedmans bureau has been created by congress to help the freed people. They help with finding jobs, issued clothing and food to the poor, and provided education.

New texas governor appointed

President Johnston has tried to appoint unionist to lead the provisional government. He has chosen a former state representative who has represented Texas in congress when the succession crisis began in 1861, also know as Andrew J. Hamilton. At the constitutional convention nearly all delegates have supported secession and the confederacy. There are no African American delegates attending it. The convention is biased because only white people attended and few favor giving African American Amy rights.

A new constitution!

The constitution has stopped short of granting American Americans equal rights. Freed people have gained the right to own property and enter into contracts. Although, they refused the freed man from voting, holding public office, serving on Jory's, or testifying in court against a while person. These restrictions the Texas legislature enacted are called black codes, or laws limiting the rights of freed African Americans

Congress takes control!

Congress doesn't think Johnsons plan for reconstruction is working because barely any changes have been made in the south as of right now. Also since the U.S. Constitution gives congress the power to admit new states, the president should not have this job controlling reconstruction. People who think this are called Radical Republicans, which is a group who thinks the congress should direct reconstruction. In the congressional election, it gave the Radical Republicans two thirds control of both houses of congress, which they are declaring a new reconstruction plan.

Radical reconstruction bEgans!

The plan congress made for reconstruction is way more harsh than the prior ones from the presidents. It's declaring that the existing governments in the the south were illegal. They also made a plan for military districts, where they are dividing the south into five, and putting an army general In charge of each of them. Texas and Louisiana are making up the fifth district that's going to be controlled by Phillip Sheridan. And finally, congress required many white southerners to take what is called the Ironclad oath. This oath is keeping many southerners from voting, serving on juries, or holding public office.

Freedman Get the vote!

Big news! Griffin is using the army and the freedmans bureau to register male freedman to vote across the state. Also a lot of freedman are working together to register other freedman. In total, 50000 men were registered. Many people, as of right now, are very racial and very against the freedman. There is a secret organization of white men called the Klu Klux Klan who take out their anger of African Americans in a very harsh violent way. They are also attacking two other groups called the Carpetbaggers and the scalawags. Scalawags are white southerners who supported reconstruction and carpetbaggers are northerners who moved to the south with little more than what they can carry in suitcases.

Breaking news! Not long ago, the Klu Klux Klan carried out violent attack in the south. They got a whole group together and went to a local school in Texas and beaten, shot, and murdered people as young as 10. In total, this attack lead to 17 fatalities; 10 white men: 7 colored

ReconstRuction ends in texas!

The reconstruction In Texas has officially ended in March of 1870. The white men in Texas are upset about multiple things. First being the taxes are getting way to high and second some disliked the states police, which they think these officers have authority over them. The freed man in Texas are living in rural areas. Some still are working on the land of their former owners and others have formed hundreds of small communities along the creek and river bottoms, in wilderness areas, and other unused land. Not much later in 1872, democrats won a majority of the seats in the states legislature. They have immediately took steps to reduce the governors power, And they abolished the stats police force.

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