4B7 Frankie Degnan The trip to AMERICA

Hello my name is Frankie Degnan and I came to Ellis island when I was 5 Years old.I came from Ireland to America on the first class boat and we had tons and tons of money.My family was crying when they saw the statue of libety but I did not now they were crying Because I was just 5 years old.Now I have a job in evergreen park Illinois. My job is pretty fun and I own the company. so I it was scare but i'm here now so i'm glad. My company name is Degnan service. now i'm happy.

This is the land flag.

This is my house

This is the map where I lived.

This is what I saw when I was 5 years old


1.It means freedom

2.The Statue of liberty rustid and ternd green

3.A guy in france made the Statue of liberty

4.The Statue of liberty was first in france

It was so cool when they showed the three diffenect doors

It was so cool how they showed us the cort room

It was cool outside to

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