School is For Phonies by Natalie kearney

I wake up every morning around 6:30 to learn nothing. In class I have to listen to old phony teachers talk about how their job is so hard. That's about the only thing that I learn in class. It really is. Teachers complain about how they have to grade so much while I try to listen. The phony ones ask why you get bad grades on everything, acting like they care and want to help, its because you don't teach us anything besides what you have to do. They say stuff like how they hate grading, if you didn't want to grade so much then don't give us that much work. Suits me to work even less than I am now. We eat goddamn dirt for lunch, in which the school system says is edible. My friend Pat stood up to old Mike the lunch guy one day. Pat took his food and slammed it right into old Mikes face. He really did. Mike wasn't too sure what to do because he couldn't see a thing. The old phony. He probably couldn't see a thing even without the dirt on his face. Pat actually got away with it. He really did. It kinda made me depressed though. Theres old Mike with dirt on his face and Pat standing there grinning looking down on him. It reminded me of a movie I saw that the theater with my brother Timmy where the bad guy stands over the good guy, but then somehow the good guy finds a way to defeat the bad guy. Poor old Mike, he just serves the food, he doesn't personally make it. You should've seen the looks on all the babes faces when he did it. Im glad I wasn't the one to do it, Pat didn't get any babes for the rest of the year for being such a boy. Anyways, the only reason I still go to school, or schools, is to not upset mom. After Allie died she's been really nervous about things, and I think if I keep getting kicked out of schools that will make her worse. Moms not with me at school though, so the only time I think about her is when I get kicked out. School is for phonies because the only way to pass is to be a complete boy and care.


Created with images by kevin dooley - "School bus" • open hardware summit - "Lunch" • jerrykimbrell10 - "smiling teacher female" • Travis Isaacs - "Do work."

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