Fidget Spinner by ben gray

Problem Statement

Ben Gray, Shane O’Donoghue, Alexander MacKinnon, Gavin Hollingsworth

Who- Griffin, a classmates younger brother has learning disabilities. He has problems paying attention for long amounts of times. In sports, when the coach is explaining something to him our group's concern is that he will not be able to pick up what the coach is saying and that will hurt him in the long run. Same for school, he can not pay attention to his teachers.

What- Griffin has problems focusing for long amounts of time. A spinner would allow him to stay focused because his mind is being occupied. If he doesn’t have a spinner, he would be not be able to sit still or even focus for a long period of time.

When- The problem mainly occurs in school when a teacher is giving a lesson. He has problems focusing and is easily distracted during a test. The sooner it is fixed, the better. He is still in middle school right now but by the time he is in high school, he is going to have a trouble focusing for 80 minutes and will probably fall behind.

Where -It is occurring mostly in the classroom during lessons or a test, but also at any time where he needs to pay attention, mostly in the classroom and at sports practices

Why- It is important that he stops fidgeting because he needs to focus on his school work and teacher. The team will do this by designing a spinner with counter weights to allow a person to become more focused.

A classmates younger brother has learning disabilities and his biggest problem is paying attention. For example, when someone is explaining something to him, such as his teacher. He often daydreams and doesn't give his full attention to the teacher. In addition, his grades drop in school because of it. This problem happens too much and a simple way to solve it would be giving the classmates younger brother a fidget spinner. Lastly, this is important because he wants to go to college, and for him to do that, he needs to be more focused while in school. The spinner would help him focus in school, while still doing things with his hands.

i chose my personal design for many reason; one because i thought it looked cool, because i tested my team spinner and more spaces to put coins, the less it spun. I think that it does not matter how much weight you have, but just how you distribute it.

Brainstorming and research

Rough sketch

Why i chose this sketch- i didn't want to make the same mistake and make this to heavy, but i tried to evenly spread out the coins at a good amount.

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