Play it like a game Miguel


Verb; To put forth effort

Parts of speech; verb synonym; strive

I put a lot of exert effort on my last test and I got an A+.


Verb; To argue or discuss

Parts of speech; verb synonym; discussion

My mom and dad was watching the debate of Hillary and trump.


Verb; To rule as king or queen

Parts of speech; noun synonym; ruling

The lion reigned as being king of the jungle.


Adj; concerned with the practical

Parts of speech; adj synonym; reasonable

Minecraft is not realistic because their is floating blocks.


Verb; To show

Parts of speech; verb synonym; show

There was a dinosaur exhibit at the museum.


Created with images by Ben Sutherland - "Super Mario Bros painting on the wall of the iHub, Nairobi" • michael pollak - "good grades are good." • billy3001 - "Debate" • skeeze - "lion feline big cat" • Uriel 1998 - "Kiddo and I playing Skyblock on MyMinecraft" • onlymayday - "Interracial dinosaur sex."

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