Edmond Dantes The Byronic Hero

What is a Byronic Hero?

Often an intelligent individual, who is arrogant and ruthless.

Usually self-aware, and possess a traumatic past

The Byronic Hero was founded and named after Lord Byron.

Usually spiritually doubtful, and sexually-appealing.


Edmond Dantes from "The Count of Monte Cristo" is a Byronic Hero

Edmond Dantes has been traunatized
"Dantes had not moved. He seemed to have been nailed to the same spot where he had stopped when he entered the night before. He had spent the whole night standing up, without sleeping for a single instant." (Dumas 33)

In this moment Dantes was so shocked, it can be seen how being arrested for no explained reason traumatized him, and affected his attitude and behavior.

"Dantes passed through all the stages of misery endured by prisoners forgotten in a dungeon. He began with pride, which is the result of hope and a consciousness of innocence; then he began to doubt even his innocence; finally his pride collapsed and he began to pray, not yet to God, but to men." (Dumas 41)

In this quote it shows how Dantes was traumatized in detail. Due to him becoming a prisoner he loses his innocence and it soon begins to attack his pride. It provides the reader with the image of Dantes slowly losing his mind.

Edmond Dantes has a God Complex
Edmond Dantes shows signs of comparing himself God saying that he will punish those who have done wrong, and reward those who deserve to be rewarded, "'You're fortunate if your boast is true,' said the priest, 'because I am firmly convinced that, sooner or later, the good are rewarded and the wicked are punished.'"(Dumas 97)

Dantes is telling Caderousse it is a good thing he was boasting because those who are good will be rewarded, but Caderousse does not know Dantes is deciding who is good and who is bad at this moment.

"'You're mistaken, my friend,' said the priest. 'God may seem to forget sometimes, when His justice is inactive, but He always remembers sooner or later, and here's the proof.' So saying, he took the diamond from his pocket and handed it to Caderousse." (Dumas 110)

This quote proves that Dantes has a God Complex because he is saying God may forget to reward the good, but he does it sooner or later and it just happens that Dantes is giving Caderousse the diamond at that moment. This was Dantes choosing to reward Caderousse with the diamond where he said it was God's reward to him.

Edmond Dantes is cunning
"The count had been carefully watching Caderousse's death agony and he saw the end was now drawing near. He leaned over the dying man and whispered in his ear, 'I am─' And his lips uttered a name so softly that he himself seemed to be afraid to hear it./ Caderousse stretched out his arms, joined his hands and raised himself in one supreme effort. 'Oh, my God!' he said. 'Forgive me for having denied you! I see now that you exist, that you are the father of men in heaven and the judge of men on earth.'" (Dumas 344)

This shows how cunning Dantes is because he was able to deceive Caderousse for many years that he was someone else, and planned out Caderousse's future that made him end up where he was. Not only had he tricked and manipulated Caderousse, but his calculations were so accurate that the exact events he had planned came true.

"The general stared at the terrible apparition in silence. Then, leaning against the wall, he slowly slid along it to the door and backed out of the room, uttering only this piercing terror-stricken cry: 'Edmond Dantes!'" (Dumas 397)

This quote proves that Edmond Dantes is cunning because he was able to deceive Morcerf for years! When Dantes finally reveals himself, Morcerf is so in shock and panic he runs home. With his cleverness, Dantes was able to trick Morcerf by forcing his way into his life, and hiding his true identity.

In conclusion, Edmond Dantes was at first a young boy full of optimism and promise, but due to his trauma, his god complex, and his cunning nature he has become what is known as a Byronic Hero.

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