India's Future with Technology & Education How selfish & clUeLess Are we about iNdianas knowledge and advantages

We as Americans are so oblivious to other countries besides our own. Since we are being consumed with our own narcissistic idealsĀ for our country we might not know the things Indiana does for us Technology wise. We don't know the social and injustice obstacles that they will face in daily. We are given the opportunity of an education cost free. Although Americans might face spaical equality India's circumstances are held on the palm of our hand. What we don't know, or rather what we don't want to appect is that India has an advantage over us

Think about this, when you have an issue with your computer or laptop and you call IT to assist you. Now you often get annoyed because you recognize the accent/language barrier. This is because call centers are placed in India where the people of the country work to help you with your problems. They are put through strict training learning American accents, picking up on sarcasm and just learning the basis of our language. We have a hand over them. A taunting mocking voice saying "you better learn this so you can get this job, or else your stuck with another worthless job that gets you no where." I am definitely not saying that working at a call center is the highest paying job. In fact, it's pretty low paying at getting only about $4 an hour.

Living in spacial equality will make you want this job even more. The slums reek of pollution from the un cleaned water and trash that fill the streets. Building houses out of whatever you can find, and living buy each paycheck.

The call center seems to be looking like a better option by each second. Working at a call center could serve as some type of confront in payment. Sadly, India in stuck in the same disadvantage cycles of living in the slums and being nearly poor. With the population growing at a 1.19 rate, which is definitely considered rapid growth there is a decreasing amount of jobs that are left. With this problem we are also faced with even more spacial inequality. This leads to another issue which is that children aren't getting educated.

With population in India being ranked at #2 with 1.2 billion people there is bound to be a lot of children who are not getting an education. Not getting education can also happen because 1. you live in the slums and don't have a chance to get into school because of spacial inequality. Or 2. because you have to get a job for the better or worse, you don't have time to get an education and you need to support your family.

Things need to change.

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