Godot Bless You A presentation by mikayla, deyzha, colton, and hayley

THEORY: Vladimir and Estragon were "slaves" in their past life, and are now slaves to each other. Estragon threw himself into the Rhone river, committing suicide. Vladimir killed himself soon after, now they are both in hell (purgatory?). The boy is different from them, possibly representing a prophet, or hope. Lucky and Pozzo are interchangeably master and slave.

TEXT SUPPORT FOR OUR THEORY: Pozzo, about Lucky, “He used to be so kind...my good angel...and now...he’s killing me.” (pg. 23) Although Pozzo bosses Lucky around, Lucky is a master in his own way.

Estragon committed suicide, “Do you remember the day I threw myself into the Rhone? Vladimir: We were grape harvesting. Estragon: You fished me out. Vladimir: That’s all dead and buried. Estragon: My clothes dried in the sun.” (35) The boy is the one who says, “Mr. Godot told me to tell you he won’t come this evening but surely to-morrow.” (34)

Connect with another text: Salamano and his dog = Pozzo and Lucky. Interchangeable master slave relationship.

Connect with something real: College, or our entire schooling in general because we continue to wait for one stage to end to make it to the next because we believe the future will be better than our current situation. Students aren’t there to learn, they’re there to get the grade that they believe will propel them towards their future goal, it’s all just a game of waiting around, and waiting for the next stage instead of being proactive in the present.

Connect with another piece of art: Fiona from Shrek when she’s in her castle and sings: “So I know he’ll appear, cause there are rules and there are strictures. I believe the story book I read, by candle light. My white knight, my knight and his steed, will look just like these pictures. It won’t be long now, I guarantee. I know it’s today” She’s limiting herself because she has faith in her future

Fiona waits for her Prince Charming, limiting herself by never leaving her castle.

Connect with some other real human: Martin Luther King Jr. took action by speaking and leading a civil rights movement instead of waiting and accepting the systematic prejudice present during his time period


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