Las Pinas

April 11th

Our first time going to a slum in Las Pinas!

We went the homes and prayed over the families. We were able to pray over families who were in a vulnerable place due to the upcoming required move that the government has enforced.

The good of the situation is that they will move out of the typhoon zone and flood zone

The bad of the situation is that the livelihood of many of them is fishing and the husbands will have to stay in Las Pinas during the week in order to make money for the family and return to their family in the new location on the weekends.

We also had the opportunity to teach Mothers healthcare about their children. Christie and I taught about “Cough & Cold”. They listened attentively as we did some funny skits!

Christie and I in a skit about "Cold and Cough"

April 12th- House visits in the slum in the morning again.

Open air at 4:00pm. This is a time we do skits, share the gospel, and teach songs.I was in a few of the skits and also shared the meaning of one of the skits.The songs we did are “There is none like Jesus” and “A Ricky Ticky Tonga”. We did a “Blob” skit, “Painter” skit, and “Sin Chair” skit. Forty kids raised their hand and came to the front to give their lives to Christ.

April 13th

We woke up at 2-4am to join the Prayer chain that YWAM has. We prayed for the two hours for the base and whatever God put on our hearts!

Worshipped on the rooftop of our accommodation and received conviction and words about using the attention we get for being “white” or “foreigners” for God and not to bask in without giving glory straight to God. We went to "Jesus Lord of All Church" and taught the youth the skits we know so that when we go out they can come with us! The goal is to empower them!

April 14th

In the morning we went out and did prayer evangelism. A friend and I went to two different homes a few streets down from the church we stay at. We had the opportunity to pray for both of the families we met and we got to share the gospel by having the Bible in their language as well as ours. We pointed to the verses we felt God wanted to communicate! It was powerful! The first lady we met had four children and they were all playing inside and the door was made of bars and they were looking through the bars at the outdoors. We went and talked to the kids through the door until the mother came out and invited us in. She had been sick in the last week so we prayed for healing and for her body.

Next we went down a few streets and found a woman sticking her head out the door looking into the street. I walked over to her and my friend Sarah and I began talking to her. She indicated a few minutes in that she only felt God was with her only some of the time. We began to minister to her sharing how God was with her all the time. We got out the scriptures to show her and she read them aloud. She began to get it! It was amazing seeing her face change as she was separating herself from believing the lie about God’s character that He is not always with her. We also targeted the point that God really loves and cares about her specifically which seemed to be a good point to hit on. We then saw her son and he came to the door and we prayed over her and her son. After that we saw that her husband was also inside. Cheche, the woman who we originally were witnessing to invited us in to meet him and told us he was blind. We said, "Oh, we believe God wants to heal your husband right now”. We said we don’t believe that this is something “special” we can do, we actually believe it is God’s power working through anyone who believes in Him. We would like you, Cheche and your son, Neul, to pray with us for him as well. We opened to a scripture in the bible about God healing and showed her. She lit up. We prayed three times and one of his eyes was better!! Before leaving, we gave our Bible to Cheche. She displayed deep interest and said she really wants to read the Bible.

April 15th

Today we went to the slum again. We helped run a feeding program for the kids and also shared about the “Prodigal Son” in a skit.

April 16th

Easter! We went to church at 5:30am for the sunrise service!We had pizza for lunch.One of our girls, Christie, gave the Word at the church and another one, Sarah, shared her testimony.

We also celebrated birthday for one of the girls on our team today!

That is a taste of what God did this week through us! Love you all!

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