Drum Corps Rachael Ply

As I walked onto the field to set up and begin my run with the Carolina Crown drum corps, I noticed that everybody was looking at me really weirdly, but I had more important things to focus on so I ignored them. I set all of my stuff up and got into my opening pose, waiting for the music to start and begin the show.

The music started and the show began, and while I thought the music sounded weird, I powered through, determined that this run would be one of the best that I had ever had.

Finally, I look up at the Drum Major and realize why everything seems so weird and nobody is making their drill- I'm out on the field performing with the Santa Clara Vanguard. At this point the show has already started and I didn't want to be the reason that SCV got docked points cause one of their performers wasn't doing what they were supposed to so I just decided to make my way to the front of the field and hide behind the front props.

When I get to the front props, I sit there and hope that I won't be in anybody's way for the rest of the show. I stayed there until SCV was done performing and then set back up to perform the show again- this time with the right group of people.

Football Field - can symbolize going along with something someone else wants you to do instead of your true desires.

Band - can symbolize a desire to belong in a group, a want to increase cooperation within a group, a feeling of being restricted or bound to something, or discordant feelings in a relationship.

Repetition - can symbolize making the same mistake you have made in the past, addictive behavior, or trying to ensure you remember something important.

Performance - can symbolize a person's desire to have their talents and actions recognized, or there is some dissonance between your outer and inner self.

Biologic View - I have both performed on and watched other groups perform on the field where my dream took place, and with TCGC State Championships coming up in less than two weeks, I believe my anxiety about getting everything right bled over into my memories of that time.

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Rachel Ply


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