Exploring Illustrator Graphics and ILLUSTRATION for educators - rhoda

Looking forward to learning about Illustrator - a programme I have opened on many occasions but shied away from, uncertain of the different functions. Am a great fan of InDesign so not being able to tune into Illustrator was a real bugbear for me. So what a great opportunity to change this when this course appeared in Adobe Education Exchange. The video tutorial and logo assignment were very accessible and provided lots of adaptability. I had fun exploring the pathfinder - playing with the pen tool and figuring out how to create duplicate arrays. Have started this course a little later than everyone else so am hoping I will get it finished in time, and because of this late start I just created two little bug shells from the original android inspiration - realised I haven't documented my journey but shall do in future projects. Hope you enjoy, I definitely enjoyed creating them and exploring the land of Illustrator!!

Workshop 2: Typography

Building your Knowledge is a nice introduction to typography and the role it plays within design. The demo once again was very accessible and provided an understanding into the potential scope of exploring and playing with typefaces and fonts in Illustrator. The quote I choose to work with was George Bernard Show's "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". This is one of my favourite quotes as it succinctly captures the importance and necessity of play within our lives - something which is so natural and free forming in our early lives can so easily become more sparse as we grow. Keywords within this quote resonated with me as I explored the different type tools (vertical text - scaling - skew - warp - colour - direct selection) and these were 'play' and 'grow'. I wanted the emphasise and focus to be on these two words and so explored a range of styles, colours and layouts. I feel there is still lots of design potential to explore in the final layout but am conscious I am still playing catch-up on the rest of the exercises and for now I feel it delivers the key message within that quote which is 'we play, we grow'. Once again I enjoyed completing this exercise, here is my development work and the final poster composition - hope you enjoy!

A little more development
Final Poster



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