Ancestry A brief glimpse of The story leading up to me

Alexander McCrone was my Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather and is the furthest I have been able to trace my lineage. He was born on October 9, 1824 in Ayrshire, Scotland. At an unknown date, Alexander married Sarah Elizabeth Munn ( McCrone ) and had many children throughout their marriage.

Though the dates are unknown and the means by which the journey was traveled is unknown (presumably by ship) Alexander departed from Scotland to land in Pennsylvania, later making his way to Virginia where he met his wife and settled to make a family.

Alexander McCrone worked as a traveling salesmen (peddler) presumably selling various goods and possible services, though specific items and or services are unknown.

Alexander died on October 15, 1893 leaving his wife a widow for only a month, as she died a month after his passing leaving a total of 9 children who continued to uphold and pass on their lineage, eventually leading to the present status of my family, to which I am eternally grateful.


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