Titanic Here We Come! By: Carly Smith

"I can't wait to board the Titanic! This is going to be so much fun. Right, Thomas." I say, while I was turning on the wireless.

"Sure," he moaned. Thomas is my 15 year old brother, when ever we go on a family trip he always wants to bring a friend. My mum, my da, my brother, and I are boarding the RMS Titanic in a forknight. We all got first class tickets.

Thomas thinks that boats and ship have hard cheese. He just says that because one of his friends almost died on a boat.

"We all know you are scared of ships, Thomas!" I taunted. I was picking up a doofer and throwing it away. My da was at the kitchen table drinking an ale.

"Sophie your brother is not scared. I think ships are very spawny" my da says all proud of himself. My mum was just getting home from the grocer's. She was making jacket potatoes for dinner and biscuits for desert.

The next morning we all took a trip to the strip mall. Thomas got a new pair of trousers and a jacket. My mum and I got new jumpers. Da got a new poker set and cigars.

"Come on old chap, keep up!" my da says to my brother, "We don't got all day." When we got home we put our new stuff in our rooms and washed any of the stuff that we were going to pack. We are leaving at dawn to go meet my Uncle Oliver at William's manor. William's manor has been in the family since my great great grandfather was born. It was built during the first world war. The manor did have its repairs to keep it up to date. Mum doesn't like it that much because she says it is going to tumble over any minute. I think it is beautiful.

It is the next morning. We all put our luggage in the boot of the car. Da was doing last minute bonnet fixes. Then the whole family got in the car and we drove off."I brought a few chips for the way so, eat up" said mum. When we arrived at the manor, My Uncle Oliver said "You all are so blinding, I mean look at you!"

"We are glad to hear you say that brother," my da said. My uncle's cook made Bubble and Squeak cakes for dinner. We all gathered in the dinning room at 6 o'clock. "Are you all excited to go on the RMS Titanic?" stated Uncle Oliver. Uncle Oliver loves boats and ships, he owns his own. He calls it the Pitty Pat. My mum and I think it is a silly name.

"No...because I have a very bad feeling about it," explained Thomas. Uncle Oliver was shocked. "That is tosh. It is suppose to be the most wonderful ship ever," he said.

Mum- mom, wireless-old name for a radio, forknight- two weeks, hard cheese- bad luck, doofer- unnamed object, ale- beer, spawny- lucky, gocer's- grocery store, jacket potatoes- baked potatoes, da- dad, strip mall- shopping mall, trousers- pants, jumper- dress, old chap- pal or buddy, manor- mansion, boot- trunk of a car, bonnet- front of a car, chips- french fries, blinding- excellent, bubble and squeak cakes- fried root vegetables and bacon cakes, tosh- nonsense.


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