Hello Ministry Partners! Thank you for believing with us! For three months your partnership has brought us beyond the borders of General Santos City and we can't thank you enough for this opportunity of bringing the good news in the lives of young people here in the campuses of Mindanao. Let me show you our highlights for this month.

Alabel, Sarangani is a Municipality that is 13.7km away from General Santos. Beside the capitol is a science campus we are so blessed to work with.


Alabel Science High School (Regional Science High School for Region XII)

Teachers Ivy, Lorna and Mitch together with some of our student leaders in ALSCI.

Last November 11, Every Nation Campus General Santos was invited to lead the Spiritual Development Class of ALSCI in Alabel, Sarangani Province. We praise God for open doors in being able to influence not just the students but also their faculty members.

In line of serving, we challenged these students to pray and encourage one another.

We were able to engage about 80 students from grades 7 to 11. We shared the heart of service that is manifested through a relationship triggered by love and compassion. There's no greater example of that kind of service than Jesus himself for he laid down his life for us all.

Vangie, is a fresh graduate who volunteers and helps us out in the campuses in General Santos.

Our student leaders helped out in leading their friends and classmates in the group discussion. We are able to help them realise the important matters in life even at a young age. Matthew, a grade 7 shared, "Real service is done by letting go of what you want or you don't want to do to show the people you love that you love them."

In the afternoon, these students attended our 5:00PM Youth Service at 3rd Floor Falgui Building, along National Highway for the first time. We are joyful for all the breakthroughs that God has given us in the campus of ALSCI and all the more excited in lives being transformed by the gospel.

Koronadal City, also known as Marbel, is the center of South Cotabato Province. We are grateful for the new doors that God has given us to touch lives in this beautiful city.


Philippine Science High School SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus

After the ALSCI Campus, we facilitated a retreat for the grade 7 students of the PISAY Campus in Koronadal City. It brings us great joy for having this privilege in touching lives by starting in the campus.

We were able to share how important it is to discover our purpose in God. As scholars it is so easy for them to perform and please others with their lives waiting for approval and affirmation for their hard work, so it was just fitting to share to them the very reason why they exist--that is to honor God in everything.

At the end of our sessions, we also initiated an activity where in they would practice to appreciate, forgive and encourage their friends and teachers in their schools--to treasure the relationship they are blessed to have.

While everybody were buzzing around, Nicole caught my attention. When I asked her how she was and she started crying and shared her story. She stated, "Ngayon lang kasi ako nagkaroon ng mga kaibigan. Dati friend lang kami kapag kailangan nila ako, 'pag wala na, inaaway nila ako. Pero ngayon, alam ko na may migo na ako kag miga."

Hafsa on the other hand, is a beautiful girl who doesn't like her pictures taken and always sits at the back. I found out that she feels different towards everybody else because she's half-Indian and she thinks she doesn't belong. I took the chance to encourage and pray for her.

These are just two among all the lives that we deal with every single day in the campus. Students coming from different backgrounds with different stories and different struggles in life. Some may look down on them because they are young but the truth is, as we invest in their lives, they will set as examples in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity for our generation.

Your campus missionaries: Me, Ptr. Jay, Sharmaine, Jessica and Rv together with Maam Beth who's doing a great job in bringing hope in the lives of her grade 7 students.

Continue to pray with us as we believe God for a church plant soon in Koronadal (Marbel) City. The future is indeed bright and greater things are to come as we reach one student, one campus, one city at a time.

Together, we reach the next generation, we make Jesus known.
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