Virginia rich soil, Royal colony, and vast lands

Virginia is such a great place to live, with rich soil and beautiful scenery, its a place you'll want to call home. Did you know that Virginia was the first of the 13 colonies! This place is non-tolerant of religion and a great place to live . Come to Virginia and start your new way of life!

Jamestown layout map

Geography: They could grow crops, tobacco, and eat meat. They had a hilly coastal area and dens forest in the east. It was a beautiful land scape and wonderful people. This is the place for all people now matter where your from.

Economy in Virginia

Economy: In Virginia we have rich soil for farming and and lots of food like fish, squash, tobacco, and wheat. We also have multiple plantations for farming and working.

Everyday life

Society: Everyday life in Virginia includes of home school for the kids. The young teen who teach your children teach etiquette, geography, math, science, and writing, and you don't have to pay them much. The main language is the same as back home in England.

Religious gatherings in Jamestown

Religion: The religion her in Virginia is mostly non-tolerant, and we mainly worship the Anglican church. Other commoners in Virginia are Roman Catholic and Christian.

government meeting

Government: in Virginia, I will start off with saying that we are a royal colony and go under the king/queens rule. Leaders in the colony were John Rolfe, John Winthrop, John Smith, John Mason, and William Penn. Our great country founded our country for the main reason most of us live here... gold! Last, after the Revolutionary was over they wet from royal to a democracy.

Some fun facts... It was named after the virgin queen “Elizabeth 1.” The people of Jamestown grew tobacco and made big profits off of it. Last, Virginia was the first colony is the U.S. and was founded in 1607 by John Smith. And they created the London Company which was an English joint stock company established in 1606 by royal charter by King James I with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America.

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