The Last Night UPA girls' varsity volleyball's last home game against Nueva on Oct. 22

The traditional senior night began on Oct. 22 in the Family Life Center gym with coach Tom Guevara acknowledging the senior players on the girls' varsity volleyball team. The non-senior players decorated the gym with balloons and posters and gave the senior players gift baskets and heart-felt speeches.

"The seniors are always the most important part of any varsity team," Guevara said. "They provide the stability and leadership because they set the example to face challenges."

(From left to right) Seniors Eryn Duong, Meghana Bellam, Chanelle Snead, Laura Cunha-Vaz and Annie Zhang hold their gift baskets while their teammates deliver speeches.

"I played volleyball in Portugal, but we don’t have senior night for any of the sports, so I didn't know what to expect," Cunha-Vaz said. "At first, we were all a little bit nervous playing because we had more people supporting us and we played against a hard team, but when we started playing, it felt like a normal game."

The game consisted of four sets; UPA lost three. The first set ended in a 25-22 win, but the second, third and fourth sets were lost with scores of 24-26, 25-27, and 19-25. (From left to right) Senior Meghana Bellam, sophomore Mia Guevara and senior Chanelle Snead get in position for the next set.
#5 Emani Byrd (11) serves during the first set while #20 Meghana Bellam (12) is in the defensive position.

During the matches, the gym was filled with excitement and suspense as the players scored points.

Senior Reuel Indurkar played his drums during the first set but was asked to leave for the next three. Referees cited the official CCS rules, saying that the beats distracted the players.

The players showcased their competitive spirits throughout the matches as they focused their attention towards the ball.

“This year, our senior co-captain Eryn Duong has really been the key to our success," Guevara said. "She’s put in a position that is not her normal position and she has really risen to that challenge for the good of the team."

"Even though we lost, it's so rewarding and I'm so proud of how we played," Duong said. "The only major problem we had was our serves, but we dug so many balls and it pushed us to a bigger limit. Now, we know what we’re capable of.”

As the players continued their strenuous matches, UPA's varsity cheer team provided them with energy they needed to finish the game through enthusiastic cheers.

Co-captains Jordyn Roberson (11) and Eryn Duong (12) laughed before the first set.
Guevara (10), Padma Bellamkonda (11) , Cunha-Vaz (12) and Byrd (11) screamed with excitement when the team received a point in the third set.
"I can be 100% myself with the girls from the volleyball team and I can talk to them about my struggles because it’s not easy being in another country," Cunha-Vaz said. "They really mean a lot to me and before senior night, I realized the fact that I’ll have to say goodbye to them and that’s going to be hard."

The girls' varsity volleyball team won their first round CCS game against Priority on Nov. 2 in four sets, but lost in the quarterfinals to Crystal Springs on Nov. 5.

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