Of mice and men Guillermo Quinones & Jacob Puhr

The American Dream

George and Lenny want to stay and work until they have enough money to buy a farm.

To George and Lenny, the farm represents to have freedom and a place to live their own life without worries.


The ranch bunk house was small and crowded. The setting in chapter one is a nice peaceful place but in chapter two is mentions a place where it isn't peaceful and everyone doesn't get along. Having a life on the farm is very tough and you need to work very hard to get what you want. George lies to his boss about Lenny because he still wants to take care of Lenny.


Curley is a trouble maker. Lenny is scared of Curley. Curley scares Lenny and that makes George mad. George tells Lenny to stay away from Curley because he likes to cause trouble. This is good advise because George thinks they have a good shot of getting their stake.


Crook and Candy after his dog got shot. They both struggle with this but in different ways. Candy had a dog but it was shot. His dog was his best bud while working. Crook is lonely because everybody disregards him and mistreats him.

Created By
Guillermo Quinones

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