My Favorite Place Made by: Manon

Everything's better when you're on a horse back.

My favourite place is on a horseback or being with a horse. It's my favourite place because I feel safe. It feels like I'm coming home. For a moment I forget all my problems and worries. It's all gone then. And by the way, I love adventure.

That one horse let the journey begin.

When I was two years old. My grandmother took me to a marathon. There was a horse that felt. I talked about it the whole day. I said: 'taatje boem, taatje boem!' Nobody understands me. But after a few hours they got it. They finally understand it. And that's where it all began.

A month ago we took a look at a couple photos from six or seven years ago. There were also photos of me on ponies. At that picture I had a great smile on my face. My mother said that she sees that smile everytime when I'm riding a horse. Even after those seven years.

When it comes to horses you never stop learning.

My mother promised me this: When I was done with the swim lessons (A, B and C) I could take horseback-riding lessons. I did. I start on 13 November 2010. And I'm still having lessons every Saturday. But every Tuesday and Sunday I ride with my idol, Maria Martini. I have learned so much in this seven years, and I love it. I hope that someday I can learn others what I learned.

Sweat dries. Blood clots. Bones heal.

It's not always fun and happiness. Sometimes it Goes wrong, because it is an animal and it will always be. 99 times of the 100 it's not the horse's fault.

I felt a lot. And a lot of horses have stept on my foot. But one time I felt very hard. I think it's 2 years ago. But I still have scars, from that ride. I also were one time kicked by a horse. I hurt my knee and arm. But I'm still alive and I can ride, so there are no problems.

Succes is not for the lazy.

Like the most sports, you have to work. You have to trust a 600 kg horse with your life. You have to build a friendship. You need trust and patience. It isn't the horse that does all the work. You don't just sit there. You have to work together. And if it fails you try again, and again, and again. You keep trying. But it takes time. You have to work for it. That's the only possibillity to get what you want in this world.

Since 10 April I ride on a horse that's been abused. She was so scared. For everything. But I started talking to her everytime she was scared. I showed her things weren't that scary as they seem. It took us time to build a bond, have trust in eachother and it took energy. A lot of energy. But it was worth it. Look at her now. We gallop over the beach and ride bare-back. We also won a 1st price.

Happiness does have a smell.

My horse is my home. She's my best friend. She always make me laugh, even when I don't want to smile. She listen when no one else understands. She give me the best feelings. She let me know that we get through it. She is the first place I will go when there's something wrong. I can be hours with her and not getting bored.

I think that every equestrian will understand me. Because for me is missing my horse the same as missing a friend.

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