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1. What is a landing zone?

"What is a landing zone?" briefly explains an AWS Landing Zone. The lightning talk slide deck pdf explains the fundamental difference in an emerging new industry of trustworthy accounts. The AWS Northern Virginia Meetup group hosted the lightning talk.

2. Off The Cloud With Serverless Application Model (SAM)

Off The Cloud presents how to run AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, and AWS DynamoDB on a laptop, off the cloud. Provides SAM examples. Presented to the AWS DC Meetup. PDF available for free download.

3. Ghost Hunting With AWS IoT

"Ghost Hunting With AWS IoT" is a do-it-yourself solution for hunting ghosts 👻 with your phone and AWS IoT. The solution was presented in a two minute pitch competition at a DC ACM meetup event. PDF available for free download.

4. AWS Artificial Intelligence

How does Amazon Web Services offer Artificial Intelligence to its customers? "AWS Artificial Intelligence" is a short document highlighting the value proposition of AWS's AI and discusses AWS Machine Learning (ML). PDF available for free download.

5. Speaking Out Loud, Alexa Talk

"Speaking Out Loud" is an in depth document about Amazon Alexa, an Amazon.com service. Visualizes how individuals are customizing Alexa and the possibilities. Discusses the ecosystem around the hardware products. Highlights the software services that create the Amazon Alexa experience for customers. PDF available for free download.

6. Intro to Swift

"Intro to Swift" is a philosophical and conceptual discussion of Apple's programming language for apps, Swift v1.0. Highlights trends in programming languages and offers technical perspective. Presented to the DC ACM at a meetup. PDF available for free download.