Spirit Animal period 2: tamera levin

Macbeth is a tiger

Macbeth represents a tiger because he is loyal, bold, but yet still mischievous. He is bold because he fought in the war in the beginning of act 1 where he was praised for his victories by the king. this leads into him being loyal, even though he was told by the witches that he was going to be king he still loyal to the king until his wife changed his mined because she wanted to be queen now. He goes behind the kings back and kills him and then he stops including his wife in any plans because he then starts having trust issues. this in a way would make him mischievous. how this all relates to a tiger is that a tiger can be very loyal to their family and the have to be bold enough to protect their cubs. although a tiger is still a cat so they are still very mischievous in their nature.

Banquo is a wolf ( mainly the leader of the pack)

Banquo is protective, shows leadership and loyal so therefore is a wolf. Unlike Macbeth, Banquo would have never hurt anyone to get what he wanted. He wanted to be a respected leader that was understanding. Just like a wolf, a wolf would put his pack first before himself and made sure that everything is okay with every other wolf. Also like a wolf, Banquo was loyal to the king and even after knowing that he may not be king but would have kings didn't bother him ( it more so confused him).

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