Alcoa India Call Center ADVANTAGES

India is ranked #2 in world population with 1.2 billion people!

Urban population is 32.7% of total population in India. The urban population lets us know where the companies are because, big companies are usually in the city.

Also, since India is ranked #1 in having children, this means that they have rapid growth ahead. Schooling in India is very good when especially when 71.2% of people who are 15 and older know how to read and write.

School in India is also bad for some reasons, there is very bad sanity and things aren't clean. Also, the school life expectancy is 12 years which is short, but still ok. Which means India gets to higher school, but not Collage.

To get into our call center, you need to take speech lessons to sound more American. Intense training is included to prepare for customers over the phone. You also need grammar and English lessons to make sense to other people.

At the call center, people from India connect with people from all over their world. India also has to have training to communicate and use technology correctly to talk with people. At the call center there are many people who work there and get paid.

Communication is most important, because without knowing the English language, how will you talk to others?

Also, just to notify you, Call Centers in India have very intense training. This is because it prepares you for maybe rude callers.

The average pay is 2$ an hour. This is why India has a comparative advantage. So come to Alcoa to benefit yourself!

Lastly, if you did not understand why India has a comparative advantage already, here is why. America needs to pay average which is a lot. But in India they don't have to pay an amount of money, which benefits both countries. India gets paid, America gets help they need, so they both get benefited. So come to Alcoa to get your job now!

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