Constans Theatre By: Jared dawson

Spatial Experience

Picture of me + Stadium

The feelings I had when first entering the building were one's of interest/wonderment concerning how the play would be like, whether it would be dull or interesting, and what other people's opinions would also be on it. I hoped that even though I was being forced to go there because of the class, it would still be a worthwhile showing and something that I could remember. My seat location effected the experience in that it allowed me to see the actors better since it was near the front row and I would be sitting next to another person I was familiar with in my IUF1000 class. When the audience dimmed + lights quieted, I felt a sense of anticipation in seeing if my expectations would be met or not. The size of the auditorium contributed in that it allowed for proper viewing and made the play feel like a more official production, rather than a weak, unprofessional showcase. The role of place in the good life depends geographically on so as where it is you wish to live and if it is a place that has some meaning to you.

The Social Experience

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Unfortunately, I had no friends with which to go on this expedition. It was primarily a shared, singular experience. I also did not notice/meet any new acquaintances there, with the exception of one person that I sat next to in my same IUF1000 section and another person from one of my other classes I saw when people began to leave, everyone else I was unfamiliar with. To get ready for the performance, I did nothing but made sure I got there on time since I also was doing something with my parents just before at the time. Attending with friends did not enhance my experience since I had no one to attend with. Shared experiences are crucial in the good life because most humans have a natural need want to be with others in many scenarios, being lonely and by yourself will only make you feel sad, depressed, and longing for friendship, having a life accompanied by friends or romance partners helps satisfy an important sense of fulfillment that most everyone must satisfy .

Cultural/Intellectual Experience

From National Child Labor Committee Collection of the Library of Congress, Taken by Lewis W. Hines in August 1908

The play discussed a variety of critical topics which have had a serious impact towards several individuals in the past and today as well, unfortunately. Cruel labor exploitations, awful/inhumane working conditions, poor standards for employers, and abuses/exploits towards lower class workers were all parts of one of the play's central themes. In terms of the narrative's happenings itself, the play does an excellent job at indicating the harshness of the abuse of low class workers during the industrial age in America in around the mid 1800's, and in some locations and in different manners is still being practiced today. Innocent people were being forced to work countless hours doing menial tasks for little to no pay, all to fill the wallet of a business owner who's primary job was to yell at them during their entire stay and made 20 times more the salary. Although it did not change my views on the subject, it reinforced the sorrow I had for those that I know who may work in these conditions even now, and although I have not personally lived an impoverished lifestyle or know anyone who works in such a manner, I am certain that in some way that through the products/services that my family has purchased from several various mass corporations over the years, in some indirect way I have likely contributed to the perpetuation of such this such a work force, exploitations, and/or lifestyle. During the talkback, one of the actors also mentioned the similar sorrow he had for this and other types of issues which were presented during the play. Unfortunately, although themselves events depicted this effectively, much of the acting, scenery, costumes, and dialogue did not since much of it was being approached in a jocular, lighter manner instead of seriousness.

Emotional Experience

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The play allows us to experience catharsis in that the character's experiences, inner emotions, and struggles on stage can be connected back to us and our own society. They can make us question how the events of the play or themes addressed can apply to what's going on in our society even now with things such as corruption within churches, pedophilia, cruelty towards a lower working class, and what if anything at all is being done about these. The play shows the many imperfections that lie within humanity, many of the character's conflicts can stem from these imperfections. Many characters simply made mistakes and by the end of the play do their best to compensate for them and overcome their past troubles and/or tragedies. Humanity was being effectively portrayed in this work, and a lot of it came from this.

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