Porto city of unique events Saint john

The most important night of the year is just around the corner: São João festival in Porto.

6H students and their art teacher still imbued with the spirit of the HIGEM project

displayed and decorated the school entrance with beautiful “manjericos” a popular plant of Saint John´s parties in Oporto and sardines.

According to the tradition, during the celebrations of the Saints, in June, the boyfriend offers to his girlfriend one Manjerico, a little potted plant of newly sprouted basil.

We must have a “manjerico” at home and choose well the rhyme that is decorating it!

So, in the English class students made some rhymes and stuck them on the vases.

Agrupamento de escolas de Canelas
Work in progress
Sardines wall art
Sardines portrayed in painting by the students
Super Bock Arena pavilion
Louis I bridge


Paula Aires