The Contract Museum The life of derek jeter


When You Want to know something about Jeter,come to the contract museum (slogan)

Exhibit 1:A dream is born, Summary: This exhibit is about Derek Jeter and his dream to play for the New York Yankees, he was as stubborn as a mule he wouldn't think about doing anything else.This exhibit teaches you about about Derek Jeter's dream and why he wanted to do it.

Exhibit 2:Driven, Summary:This exhibit is about Derek Jeter and how he never gave up on his dreams(unlike David Ortiz).This exhibit holds an audio presentation about what troubles he went through to play for the Yankees.

Exhibit 3:The Contract.Summary:This exhibit tells you about the contract that Derek's parents wrote him to get to his dream at the end of this exhibit it tells you when he achieved his dream.

Jeter,Derek .The ¨Contract¨.New York, New York:Simon & Schuster books for young kids,2014.

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Chase Pullin

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