The Divine: A play for Sarah Burnhardt A wonderful experience in the constans Theatre

When I first saw the entrance to the show, I wasn't very excited, not because I had to watch a show for my homework, nor that I was tired of all the works I had to do that day. It was because I just personally didn't like watching a play. However, all this thoughts and attitudes disappeared when I walked into the theatre. It was more large and well organized than I thought. The stage that they set before the performance made me imagine numerous ways how the play could start. There were students who already came and waiting for the show, and I felt very excited and I was sure that they also felt the same way.

Obviously, I couldn't take photo while I was watching the show. The background was set in a dormitory in a Catholic church, and two characters having a conversations. The Sarah is a famous actor known to have a numerous fans around the country. She visited the Quebec for first in her life, but archbishop tries to ban her from doing a show in the town. These two main characters, Michaud and Talbot. The whole show is focused on the battle between the Catholic church and Sarah Bernhardt. Throughout the show, I couldn't keep my eyes away from the show, because the show was really intense, all the characters had their own personality and the were doing something every moment and I didn't wanted to miss any event. The most favorable character was Michaud, who was a huge fan of theatre and Sarah Bernhardt.

When I came out from the theatre, I was full on enthusiasm and excitement. The long show felt very short for me and I wanted to see different shows in the future, if I had a chance. In overall, I really liked the experience in the theatre and I really enjoyed the mood in the stage. One thing I really like about all the plays is that they always keep the light off so that people can really focus on the show. One more good thing, the theatre was really close to my dorm~, I don't need to ride all the way back to my home~~

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