"Not what you think" A series of 25 photographs illustrating one's egoism.

STOP AND LOOK AROUND. As we venture into this long Journey, we are often blinded by the huge things that matter to us the most. As a result, we tend to focus less on the surroundings in which we come across almost everyday. The photos highlight to the audience how beautiful the small things around us can be.
It is a story about adventures. Along the road, there is loneliness, egoism, sorrow, happiness...blah blah blah... This is a series of four photographs portraying what we as the adventurers, would experience different states of minds under different circumstances.
A subtle palette of different colors unites the whole. Different outcomes from the same situation. Two images are dominated by the sky while the other is dominated by the raindrops resting on the window. The images are portraying how we are subjected to the environment and how we are forced to make certain decision at some points in life. Different emotions were presented from the different weather conditions.
"Just an ordinary night at FairPrice" As the photographer, I realized that there are always some sort of patterns of the things around us. Just like how flying termites are attracted to light sources and how the bottles of drinks are arranged in the beverage fridge. The photographs prompt the viewers to break away from the chains which they are tied to. It promote a sense of freedom.
It is about students walking away with responsibilities, their unwillingness to face the tense environment. Their body gestures express their fame of mind. Moreover, how the photographs are staged reinforced on that.
BLANK SPACE. These pictures are meaningless and it is up to the audience themselves to have their own interpretation of the images. I want to give that sense of freedom to the audience.
Before i took the first picture, I told my model about a story as I wanted to capture his instant reactions, his instant facial expression upon hearing the story. The second picture is staged so as to portray a sense of egoism.
"NOT WHAT YOU THINK" As the photographer, I came up with this idea one day when I came across Burger King's BBQ Sauce and Curry Sauce. I took the picture as I thought it would be definitely eye-catching to the audience and it also prompts the audience to wonder what it is.


Created with images by sbtlneet - "sunset evening sky"

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