CROSSFIT OPENS 2018 5 Weeks - 5 Workouts - @ Long Road CrossFit


So basically the CrossFit Games are the super bowl of CrossFit. Except, instead of having to be drafted on to some team the CrossFit Games are open for anyone to get into. You just register online, it"ll cost you $20. The road to the CrossFit Games start with the CrossFit Open. It is 5 weeks long, with one workout each week. In true CrossFit fashion the workout is not announced until the week you are to do it, Thursdays at 8:00PM to be exact. You have from the time the workout is announced on Thursday, until Monday @ 5:00PM to complete the workout and submit your results on the CrossFit Games Website (results must be verified by a Certified CrossFit Affiliate or filmed and submitted for verification). The first workout will be 18.1 (no, not miles… it stands for 2018 season, 1st workout).


  • You are going to do the workout anyways.
  • Friday Nights are AWESOME.
  • First TTB, First C2B, First Muscle Up...... Pushing outside your comfort Zone.
  • The CrossFit Opens create such an energy and excitement among the CrossFit community as a whole. Competitors cheer each other on. People want everyone to do their best. Whether you are like Rich Froning and get a million reps, or you can’t get through the first set of snatches you still get cheered on, and get more than you ever dreamed you could. While it is about competing with others… for most people, it is about competing for yourself.


Friday AM and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS PM classes: As we have done in the past the current Open announced workout will be posted as the LRCF Friday's class wod. For those unable to complete the Open announced workout Friday Night - you will be able to complete this on Friday AM during the CrossFit class, or Sunday at Open Gym. Other options are available you will need to coordinate to make it happen. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will start at 6pm (doors will open earlier to warm up) and run until all Open participants have been scored. (Athletes MUST have a judge in order to receive a validated score) Anyone not signed up for the Open may still participate in class however you will not need a judge. Plan on a large number of participants for the Open to complete their workouts this evening. We will have a heat schedule that you must sign up for a time slot. Heat times will change each week according to the workout length. We will have a POTLUCK Carry in every Friday Night. Last year we assigned "TEAMS" this worked out great and that will more than likely be the plan again.


We will be having an "IN HOUSE" team competition. (In order to be in the TEAM CHALLENGE, YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED THROUGH CROSSFIT AND LISTED ON THE TEAM) Registration will close for the LR TEAM CHALLENGE FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th - (Yes, CF is allowing you to Register until 2/23, but that doesn't give our T-shirt guy enough time to make the shirts, and your own unique flair - so just sign up now!! And if you wait - you are going to miss out as we will be drawing teams JANUARY 27th at the COMMUNTY WOD) We will place all the ladies in one bucket and all the men in another bucket and the teams will be a BLIND DRAW 2M/2F. It's going to be awesome, Aren't you excited - I am!!!! As a Team each week we will fight for the most reps to top the leaderboard amongst our gym buddies - BRAGGING RIGHTS PEOPLE.... a little friendly competition. You will have an opportunity to earn additional points as a team as well such as; all team members present on a Friday night, theme, etc etc. More on that later :)

Long road Jackpot

Here is the best part (besides fitnessing, and high fives ofcourse) ...... We are going to have a JACKPOT for the WINNING TEAM. ANYONE can toss ANYTHING into it, and GUESS WHAT - the winning team TAKES ALL. We have a pretty sweet start.....

  • Long Road Apparel (Males/Females)
  • Qalo Shirt
  • Water Bottle
  • Gift Certificates (Long Horn, Duck Donuts, Hylete, Starbucks)
  • Weight Belt
  • Chalk Board
  • Shaker Bottles
  • Peanut Butter
  • Long Road Fitness Journal

here's to the 2018 crossfit opens - get registered- www.games.crossfit.com

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