the lovely smile maitha saif

once upon a time there were two friends , Aish and Ahmad are best friends . Aish and Ahmad are students in AUS.
one day Aish and Ahmad went to city walk , To drink a cup of tea . they were talking and talking suddenly Aisha remembered her strange dream that she dreamed last night .
she said '' i had a really strange dream last night''. '' me too'' , said Ahmad. ''But tell me you're dream first''. ''well'' said Aisha , '' there was a lovely man. young and handsome. He was smiling all the time it was strange right?''. Ahmad laughed hardly and he said , ''Oh my God I've dreamed the same dream too''.
Ahmad continued the dream and said '' then the man said'', '' I'm the prince of happiness , soon I will be the master of the world. soon there will bee just laughs and smiles and no more tears''. ''And then I woke up''. said Ahmad. ''I wake up when he said that too''. Said Aisha. ''But I also had another dream''. said Ahmad.
''And in that dream i heard a lovely voice. And it said : '' Go and visit prince of happiness let him be happy for you're visit. Aisha laughed and said ''I had that too'' Ahmad said that the dream told them to go together and visit prince of happiness.
Created By
Maitha Aljabri


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