Wind River Range And Why It Should Be Protected

Why should this be protected

There are many reasons why the Wind River Range should be added as a World Heritage Site. First off, the Range sits on the Continental Divide which means that the water provided by the Range either flows towards the Pacific Ocean or Atlantic Ocean. Without the Range, water will not be able to flow towards the Atlantic or Pacific. Not only that, but glaciers surround the Range, providing most of the groundwater. However, as a result of climate change, the glaciers have begun to melt. Glaciers and ice sheets are important providers of freshwater on Earth, with almost 70% of Earth’s freshwater coming from glaciers and ice caps. Without those glaciers, the amount of freshwater that will be circulating throughout the United States will decrease. Furthermore, the range is an integral part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem which is apart of Yellowstone National Park. This ecosystem is teeming with wildlife like the pronghorn, grizzly bear, wolf, fox, moose, deer, and so many other animals that roam this ecosystem. If the range isn’t protected, these beautiful species of animals could be lost to us and with many on the brink of extinction, it may be sooner rather than later.

How we can protect it?

Limit the amount of tourists that come to the area.

When tourists do come to the area, they should have to keep a log of each place they've been to. That way, they can be held accountable for any litter they have left which would harm the animals.

Prevent settlement in some areas

The property should be protected, and preserved for its natural beauty. Although we are becoming a world that is reliant on developing places for our own convenience, this place should be exempt from it. Settlement should really be kept at a minumum, in order to preserve its natural beauty.

Having educational signs put up

Putting up educational signs can help make visitors aware of the history of the landscape. The glaciers and other landscape features can be highlighted, educating people on importance of them. The signs could also note how important it is to keep the park clean.

Initiate a fine for littering or vandalism of the range

In order to keep the park around for many more years, it needs to be ensured that any harmful toxins that may come from litter can be prevented from affecting the site. This can all be avoided by initiating a high fine for any unlawful acts, such as vandalism or littering.

A video of this wonderful place


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