#Goals By Brandon Nelson

1 Year Goals:


One of my goals, is that I want to be out there in the public more often having fun. You have limits, when it comes to leaving your house and having a adventure at midnight or even during the day. We are all curious about the world outside our windows and I want to go places with my friends, but instead of sitting at the park, we'll have the time of our life.

Best Friends

Everyday I come to school to a ocean of students and you either get lost in the clouds or you just sit at a table alone, but you meet that certain person. Life can be different with a group of friends and I happy to have mine. I want to become a great friend to all of them and hopefully everyday is amazing for them. That is my goal for this year.

Be Myself

Another Goal that I want to accomplish is be myself and that could be taken as many forms of goals, but things can happen all the time and you need a change of plans. I want to be out there, talk to more people in my class, and just show who I am under this quietness. My friends see me as one thing, but my classmates see me as another, so this is one cheesy goal, but once you see it from my perspective and you'll understand what I mean.

Family Vacation

My family's vacation are a big thing for me, because it's a time for us to forget about reality and enjoy ourselves and our goal is to go to the beaches of California. This year we are going someday on a trip somewhere in the country and make memories. The places I want to go to is California or Nevada and my family deserves a vacation. A lot has happen to my family that can effect many things, but I always know that my family can figure out how to have fun.

3 Year Goals:


Some goals take longer than they think, but as long as you keep in your head know that you will achieve then it will someday come true. My next goal is that I want to bring my creativity out and learn to build things and make wonderful items for any possibility. Bring my sketching skills to a whole another level and show the world what I am capable of, so that my reality can also work with my imagination too.

My Niece

We all grow up and we are there the whole time, even when it's hard or easy for us. The bad thing is that we miss good times, but we are lucky to miss bad ones too. I want to see my niece Taylene grow up to be someone new and amazing, so that I could be there to make sure nothing bad happens to her. She is a special girl and she is already one years old and I want to be here with her until 5.


My favorite moment in my high school life is going to be graduating day and that is going to be a special moment because my best friends are going to be there. That moment when we finally know that we are growing up and I will miss my friends after that whole day. Graduating with my best friends is a day to remember because I care about them and we will throw our caps with excitement.

Brand New Truck

I took the bus, I walked, I got dropped off everyday of my whole school life and it's the same way for everyone, but I made it to an age to finally getting closer of getting a truck. I have a chance to surf the streets of Phoenix and travel places on my own and be happy to let my hand fly outside my window. Getting a brand new truck has always been my dream and I can't get it until I get my driver license. So all I have to do now is learn how to drive......umm it can't be that hard.

5 Year Goals

Travel With Friends

Traveling has always been a dream of mines because it gives me a chance to explore the world and find new things I haven't seen even when it's a tree in my backyard. I just don't want to do it without my best friends because why share a moment without a good friend by your side. So someday I want to go to on a big road trip with all my friends to somewhere in the country or maybe somewhere in the world.

Design And Technology

After high school I want to go to NAU and take their theatre program and learn acting my whole education years and hopefully it will take me to a spot I want to be someday. Also on the side I want to take classes for design and technology, along with directing and filming. Someday I want to get a job as a crew member and get a acting part if I can, but I must learn how to work soundboards, lights, and the fly system.

A Degree

When I get into college I want to get my masters degree for acting and directing. That is one big challenge for me and hopefully I can achieve this goal. I have to work up the money for college because we all know that we can't achieve our goals that easy. Once I graduate, I will be ready for ever comes and I'm aiming for the stars. The next thing I know I am living a simple life hopefully.

New York

My last goal for 5 years is that I want to go to New York and it is the home of Broadway for one reason. Another one is that it is a wonderful city because the nights are never sleeping and it is a place to be for the time of your life. The statue of liberty, time square, and just the streets of many people who walk and explore or even work. New York is where I"m heading because it is not a place where someone could take advantage of or just make fun of. It's a place of dreams and reality mix together to make New York.

10 Year Goals


My biggest dream and the first thing on top of my bucket list that I want to achieve, so that I can fulfill my dream. It is getting a major role in a Broadway musical and I get to be on stage with a audience in front of me. There are many musical out there and one is going to be my big break that I can see my name in lights, but that is just a exaggeration. Being on Broadway is a way of telling me that I made it and literally I'm going to cry when this goal is finalized and achieved.

The Whole World

The whole world holds a lot of secrets and new found things on islands and in cities. I want to see it and know that I've been there and tell my family I traveled around the world. I want to just go and be free and be in clouds flying from destination to destination. Going to china, Brazil, or Africa because there is many possibilities out there. Being out there is liking finally knowing what can't stop you any day and just run, but look for the mountains that is high in the sky. The fields of grass that is covered in villages or cities. See the creation by man that goes back in history and make it a real dream instead of imagination.

A Big House

After everything I known I've done I want a big house to come back to and live in one with beautiful color to it and a big yard. Many rooms to have guest and family, but I want a nice house to live in with my partner when I find this person. A two-story one with a nice view that goes off into the distance. The next step is kids to raise in this wonderful beautiful house. That is something I want in the next 10 years is to live a nice beautiful white house.


Paris is a fantasy that I had everyday and I would plan my dream trip to there and imagine all the fun could happen. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and going to the top is a goal I need o do when i go there. This is trip that I'm going on after everything else, but knowing there is a lot to goals and you have to work hard to achieve them. Think a lot about where you are going to be in the next few years and help yourself make those goals reality. Then you can go higher and make your biggest goal a dream come true.

The End


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