Theatre in Shakespeare´s time By Harrison raesly

How Many women actors did the company usually feature?

By law women were not allowed to play roles, so there were no female actors in Shakespeare's plays. Young boys would take the female roles

Was Shakespeare an actor?

Shakespeare was an actor, people who were actors were called undesirables by England laws

How were the seating arrangements for the audience?

The seating was open during the summer. Upper classes would pay more money for good seat and the lower class would pay the fee to get in and be in the pit.

What type of people were Shakespeare's plays preformed for?

When royalty comes to see a play they would summon them to play in their court. Shakespeare usually plays for everyone who can come. His plays were preformed in London.

What would the audience do if they did not like a performance?

If the audience did not like a performance they would throw furniture and damage the theater

What happened to the original Globe theater?

During the performance of Henry VIII, a cannon shot and started to burn down the theater on June 29th

Where did the timber to build the second Globe come from?

The new theater had a tiled roof instead of thatched. The new theater was a replica of the old one. The timber used was from an earlier theater.

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