Ho'omaluhia Walk and Shoot February 2017 Maclearn notes and Tips

Twelve of us had a great morning with Patrick Delos Santos at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Park. Mahalo Patrick and everyone who came! We began at the Visitor's Center for some basic camera tips then walked down the path taking pictures of colorful bamboo with moss covered trunks and interesting branches.

We found a cuachilote tree that's pollinated by bats and has hanging fruit that look like egg plants ready to pick. There were beautiful trees with sparse but pretty red flowers.

At the pond we found many ducks and even more kids trying their luck at catch and release tilapia and bass with bamboo poles you can check out at the Visitor Center. Bring bread for bait.

We then drove two parking lots further into the park and saw an amazing tree filed with clusters of small golden flowers. A short hike up the path lead to more beautiful foliage. The leaves and trunks were as beautiful as the occasional flowers. On the way back we met a boy scout leader who was returning with a couple of the scouts. He showed us a picture of a HUGE tilapia one of the boys had caught, I think maybe it was about 18" long! So the park is alive with people and things to do or see, and it's free.

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The next step is "doing something" with the photos we took - editing, creating cards or slideshows to share them with, discovering ways to record thought and image. Our March 18 MacLearn will feature Photos and introduce Photoshop Elements. Before then we'll create a shared album of some of our photos. So stay tuned for that!

If you are using a DSLR or point and shoot camera with settings (Auto, S, A, P), Patrick has published an e-book you can get on Amazon for $.99 or for free with a kindleunlimited subscription. It covers the basics of types of cameras, settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and what features such as metering, exposure compensation are. It's a simple, handy guide that won't overwhelm you. If you are interested click the link below for the Amazon page. Click the Buy $0.99 link to purchase it. To read it, you need to install the free Kindle app on your Mac or iOS device. When you open the app and login you'll see his book. Click to read.

Patrick will also be offering a DSLR photography class, probably March 25th with 6 hours of instruction for $85 (minimum 4 participants). About half the time will be classroom instruction and half practicum. If you're interested please contact Patrick.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad there are few controls. Yet you can take awesome photos. Linked below is a must read article showing you 10 ways to do that.

As you scroll through the article a popup appears inviting you to watch Emil's video on 7 built-in iPhone tools for taking photos. Enter your name and email in the popup as scroll through the article and click the video button. In the 30 minute tutorial he explains, then shows you how to use each tool at a nice easy pace and you can practice as you go. Later you can explore apps that do even more.

Finally, here are the tips given out to everyone at the start of our tour. Review them and identify the ones you already do, and the ones you will try next. Photography is an art based on systematic observations and practices. The more you know, the more you learn as you do.

Here are the full articles the tips in the above handout came from.

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