Early College Notes September 8, 2019

A Change To Count Day

This year for count day, on October 2nd, we plan to run all JPEC classes on one day. This will allow us to only perform count day procedures once, rather than over two days. While the shorter class periods will be change of pace, they should allow us to better account for our students' attendance and ensure full funding of JPEC for the coming year. It is important that all students attend every class on count day.

Parent Advisory Committee Memo

JPEC Parent Advisory Committee (JPAC) will be holding their first general meeting for the 2019 - 2020 school year on Monday, September 16th in JW 158 (the Early College building) from 5:30 pm - 7 pm. We are excited to get parents involved and will have both volunteer information as well as interest sheets, so we can match parent strengths to projects. Please... if your strength is "let me know what I can donate," we'd love for you to come to the meeting so we know we can reach out to you for support. If you are interested in being involved and cannot attend, please reach out to our Development Coordinator, Alex Ulicny, at alex.ulicny@jacksonpec.org. There is no fee to participate in the JPAC!

Justin Whiting Room List

  • Ms. Shirk - JW 158
  • Mrs. Ortell - JW 159
  • Ms. Guthrie - JW 164
  • Mr. Cory - JW 165
  • Ms. Houle - JW 166
  • Ms. Ciolek - JW 168
  • Mr. Perrotta -JW 170

Ms. Lloyd, Mr. Pratt, and Doc B's classroom locations are posted in the main office - please note that some classrooms have been adjusted since the first day of class, so students should check the updated list.

Computer Cases

If you received a computer with a larger case, please bring it to the office this week and we will swap it for a smaller case.

Travel With JPEC!

Interested in traveling internationally while earning college credits? Find out about upcoming trips to Great Britian, as well as a four city tour of London, Paris, Florence, & Rome! To learn more, please email Ms. Shirk at sarah.shirk@jacksonpec.org

College Advising

If you need to make college schedule adjustments, JC Navigator to JPEC, Chris Kimball can be scheduled with by following this link: www.jccmi.edu/chris

Chris's normal office hours are Thursdays, from 1 - 3 PM in the main office.

Yearbooks Available For Pickup and Limited Amounts for Sale

For those who ordered yearbooks, they are now available for pickup from Ms. Shirk in JW 158.

If you missed ordering, there are limited amounts of yearbooks available for sale in the main office for $60. Each copy is over 80-pages and is hardbound.

Have a great week!

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