App Journal Arturo TreviƱo Rangel - A01570099

Lesson 1

  • Apps i use the most
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Netflix
I downloaded those apps mainly because my friends and family used them so i wanted to join them to see what was going on with those apps everyone liked. In my opinion, the main function of apps is to communicate with other people no matter where or who he or she is.

Lesson 2

  • Brainstorm:
  • A very realistic, kind of utopic videogame using any of your devices.
  • Making the machine edit your pictures (and even ask it for unrealistic characteristics like wings, or different hair styles, etc.).
  • Making a character like yourself and enter into a world you create based on your favorite things and places (that already exist or can be created).
  • Ability to add your favorite animated or unreal characters (actors, animated characters, etc.).
  • Basically an app in which you can combine all of your favorite things in a virtual-reality game.
(strings act.)

Lesson 3

My app would be designed especially for young and teen audiences, mainly in a range of 12-20 years. I believe my app will be successful because the new generations are every time looking for more games and apps. I believe my app could be special because, despite being in that generation, i know what kind of game could be successful. I have observed the interests of people of my generation and below, so i think i may be able to create a unique and very entertaining app. However, because some of the scenes in my app/game may be a little violent or offensive for some people, it would have a disclaimer before playing it.

(variables act.)

Lesson 4

  • Rank of apps by UI design:
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
I believe That some apps are easy to use because of its simple design, for example netflix is an amazing platform because of its design. it has a menu in the top with filters, if you scroll down it gives you recommendations with filters, etc. there is also the typical area where you search for what you want to see and you can look for any kind of artist, genre, time, etc.
First app activity


Lesson 5

Text hunters

  • Going back to the ideas of lection 2, i talked about an utopic videogame by your criteria. With this idea you can, in a philosophical way, to create a perfect world, or at least how you can consider a perfect world to be. Maybe you can distract yourself form a tough day at work and escape to a place where you can be yourself and everybody loves you that way. In a more personal way, you can use this to outcome a loss. In your place you can be with him/her while you try to get better.

Lesson 6

  1. App name - Minder
  2. Problem - Help students or workers remind their events or tasks.
  3. My app will make people remind or catch up with their interest events.
  4. Because: We want people to get more organized with their hobbies and their tasks in their job or studies.

Lesson 7

  • Some ideas i could have to make the app better:
  • Touchscreen- Now a days, almost every app has touchscreen because it makes it easier to control where, or what you want to click on, drag, or other.
  • Camara- Everything is better if you can change your perspective or you can add to the real life animated things. So having a camera will make this app more popular, and fun for the customers.
  • Bluetooth- to interact with other people and interchange stuff like music, games, or if it is inside the app, maybe credits or extra artifacts you have.

Lesson 8

Brain storm 2.0

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Virtual reality
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Energy saving mode
  • No bothering

Lesson 9

  • Minder
  • Top competitors: Wunderlist -This app is generally well accepted by the audience because of its design and the way you can see the sub-reminders, how you can sort them by specific themes like we are planning to do. However, there have been a lot of complains of the inability to insert images.
  • Alarmed- Most people seem to really like the app because of its countdown, location, and others. However, there are also several comments that complain that it had many glitches and the interface color.
  • Clear- The main disadvantage of this is that it has a relatively high cost (169 pesos) it has a high valoration and many good comments. However, the design is pretty basic and there is not so many color variations.
  • Connected
  • Habbo- In habbo you can create your avatar and explore several places. This app is generally well accepted with a 6/10 gameplay and a 8.7 general average according to virtual worlds. The main disadvantage is commonly that the game lags.
  • Sky Runners VR- The app takes the user into an adventure where they follow a spaceship soaring in an exotic planet in a sort of race. The graphics are quite well done, but truth is it's really boring to just "follow" the ship you're in rather than controlling it or at least doing some kind of interactivity within the game. You're just an spectator.
  • Pokemon Go- The app brings the experience of being a real pokemon trainer, where these creatures can be found according to real life maps. However, specially during its early stage, there were just too much glitches with the system and the servers, since it functions with the internet. The app was just too "raw" and heavy to be fully enjoyable.

Lesson 10

Design principles:

I would keep my app simple. I would make the menu easy to read (clear text), and that the user can assume easily what it wants to do. To make it easier to understand i could also add an optional animation in which it explains in a simple and consistent way the way the app works. I would also make my app have a special focus in the controls, because i would like that the gameplay will make the experience a way better if it is correctly designed.

Lesson 11

The app that got me into it right away (and that is my favorite lately), is an app called "Pokemon Duel". I have been a fan since i was very young and when i saw the app icon it caught my attention almost immediately because there are 2 of the two most powerful pokemon face to face. Then, i read what i was about and it looked really interesting. When it downloaded, there was an amazing intro that made me very excited. Then the menu was very nicely arranged, with a large scale of alive colors. Next, was the tutorial and the gameplay which has been the main reason i use my phone today.

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