Church Group Time 3/15/20 Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Acts

Follow the instructions below to engage with God’s Word and learn from Paul and his journeys in the book of Acts!

To get the most out of this online Church Group Time discussion, I recommended either FaceTiming or calling a friend from Radical to go over it with as you go or do it with a family member. If you can’t do either of those options, then use a notebook at write out the questions and thoughts as you go to help you engage with it more!

Read from Acts 16. Use your own Bible or follow the link below to read it. Take your time and make note of anything that stands out to you!


Go over these questions & take your time!

  1. How did Paul come to know Timothy? What does Paul have Timothy join him in doing?
  2. What is Paul’s purpose in having Timothy join him and Silas as they continue on their journey?
  3. Look at the map below and follow the various places they travel to. Take a minute to consider what it would be like for them getting from place to place and doing the ministry they were doing.
  4. What do you make of Paul’s vision about Macedonia? Have you experienced times like that where you felt God gave you a clear idea of what to do next?
  5. How does God work in Lydia’s life and in her household? What things lined up for her to accept Paul’s message?
  6. What events occur that lead to Paul & Silas being put in prison?
  7. Note how Paul & Silas respond even in these hard circumstances. How would you respond in a similar situation?
  8. What does God do to set them and the others in the prison free? What happens after the earthquake with the jailer?
  9. What amazes you about the way God moves in this passage? How can God use you to make this kind of impact in the lives of those around you?
Map of Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey

Closing Prayer (read together or say aloud on your own to wrap up this online lesson): God, help us to look for people like Timothy who have potential that we can bring with us on the journey of following you. Let us worship you, listen to others, and open our hearts to you like Lydia to see what you can do in our lives. And when we find ourselves in tough situations like Paul & Silas in prison help us to look to you for a way out knowing that you see us there. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Thanks for following this lesson! Look back for a post on Wednesday as we do our Radical gathering online as well.