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"Explore. Identify. Focus. Create. Develop. Flourish. Repeat."

Innovation is the central heartbeat to any successful start up, business or organisation. For many however, the term innovation is bounded around the office like a tennis ball and racket without the net. It is missing a vital partner: CREATIVITY.

As a Creative Business Coach, I believe that understanding & nurturing your creative self is pivotal to unlocking your potential. Generally, we are raised to believe that left brain qualities such as being logical, analytical & precise are central to our success. If we are guided in this direction, how do we build our creative confidence? How do we break our psychological divide between creatives and non-creatives? After all, creativity is actually about using our imagination, intuition & big picture thinking which drives INNOVATION!

"Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected."

Whenever I come up against challenge whether it be recognising a workshop I am planning to run isn't attracting clients, or I didn't get the contract I was hoping for with an organisation and I need to bring my resilience into focus - the next steps are always linked to creativity for me. Looking at the why, how, when and who from a fresh perspective allows me the gift of putting on a new pair of learning lenses, and moving forward. For me, if I was to just revisit and be pragmatic and logical, it would be missing the fizzy nature that the creative 'what if' brings. When having a coaching conversation, a great question to develop ideas is to ask "if you could achieve anything, no limits, what would it be, what would it look like, feel like and sound like?" Asking yourself questions from the position of no walls or doors, allows creativity to flow, it allow you to create awareness and supports you in recognising the need for change. Connecting the dots needs those learning lenses.

Creativity is not a child's luxury, it's a smart business strategy"

As children, we are FULL of creativity, buzzing around, free to think with creativity and there is a simplicity and power to that. As we grow, we start to fall into tribes, the 'creatives' and the non-creatives'. We start to lose those threads that keep us thinking fresh, those creative thoughts and 'freedom' behaviours that allow experimentation into our world. I believe, this this inhibits our flow as we begin to conform to work patterns, tick boxes, deadlines and our daily routines. What if, there was something else? What if we stated to work with our creative insight, through the spoken and outspoken word, with metaphors, through experimentation, though play where you push ideas with no fears of rejection? I am such an advocate for creative AND critical thinking..... When I coach, I adore that dual aspect playing out - being pat of a process that allows the coachee to come up with new approaches. New ideas result in fresh perspectives that challenge our assumptions, which in turn creates innovative thinking within YOU. How beautiful and amazing is THAT!!

"Recognise the beauty of stretch and challenge"

And finally, something that comes up often is this thing of the 'creative' and 'non-creative' tribes. Everyone is good at something, ability, we all have it. But, something I CAN tell you is there can often be a difference between the two - mindset. Ask a creator, where to next? What are you great at? What do you need to be doing to achieve that? How can you break down that wall? What next, what else, what else?? Creatives understand the ignition key. Creatives explore, take risks, have dialogue with their inner world to release opportunities that spark utter brilliance, they absorb, learn, do their best work by doing, adapting and embracing feedback. They recognise the beauty of stretch and challenge.

"It's time to stop standing in your own way, you matter, and we want to see what you've got!"

So, as you read that what were you thinking as a "non-creative?" Ummmm excuseeeeee meeeee! I'm like that! I do that! And, that, is my point. It's time to STOP with the tribe crap, and embrace the fact that we ALL create meaning and purpose through what we do, we all bring our unique skills and experience, and we are all creative. You just need to tune in, and turn it ON. Stop standing in your own way, stop suppressing, start investing in all the parts of you to unlock your potential. The world in which we stand is one there we can achieve anything, so bring that creative energy with you, and your passion to dream and make that difference. Be inspired, be an inspiration. Let's explore the greatness within you!

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