Who's on Drugs? by: mia d'alatri

Dan is a 27 year old male who coach's Babe Ruth league baseball and always has dip in his mouth. He told us he's been chewing tobacco since he was 18 years old. chewing tobacco comes in two forms, such as loose leaves of tobacco, as plug, or twist. another kind is snuff. Snuff is finely ground tobacco that comes in a tea bag like a pouch. Chewing tobaccos short term effects on the body are rapid absorption of the stimulant nicotine through the mouth and into the bloodstream. The person using this may experience increased heart rate, and blood pressure. Long term effects it can have on the body are constricted blood vessels, addiction to nicotine, and a reduced physical performance. Dan has told us that chewing tobacco can have mental and psychological effects on the body. He has been suffering through depression, anxiety, nicotine addiction, and anger problems. If you did not know how to use this it is very simple. Pack the can, open the can, grab a pinch of tobacco, put it between your lips and gum, wait until the juices build up in your mouth, and then spit the juices out. Dan has been looking for some serious help and has been able to find some things that help his addiction such as chewing nicotine gum, and eating sunflower seeds. He used these products the day he stopped dipping. Some legal consequences for using this product is preventing children from getting their hands on it and starting at a young age. Many drugs have myths about them so here are some about this one in particular. All chewing tobacco is basically the same is a myth. There are many different kinds. Smokeless tobacco is not very popular. Wrong, smokeless tobacco is popular for some people. chewing tobacco can damage your gums and your teeth. it is very gross and I personally would not do it. Dan has also went to the lengths to quit and he is succeeding.

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